Best Accounting Software for Non-Profit Organizations


Before moving to a non-profit organization, we need to understand the work of accounting software. Accounting software is a tool that can perform all the business activities at one time which is offered for the small, medium, and large companies to manage its financial statements, accounting records such as invoices, bills, inventories, expenses, bank transactions for payment tracking, and many more things. 

When we come to the non-profit organization, non-profit organization requirements are actually needed, and for recording or reporting those requirements, accountants require a non-profit accounting software that helps to manage non-profit operating activities at one time. As we know it is a non-business entity that is different from profit-organization so it has different methods to record its financial reports in software such as donor reports, donation received reports, funds received reports, volunteers report, expenses invested report, grants received the report. The aim of a non-profit organization to adopt accounting software is to track expenses, donations, income, maintain a tax-exempt that stream in the business. Along with business activities, funds and donation providers are recorded as a donor of the company so that they can be awarded the grants by the government. 

The government has full support for non-profit organizations in the form of providing funds, donations so that they can invest in social activities which can be beneficial for the needed people but it can be more beneficial when it will be recorded properly with the help of accounting software.

Top 16 non-profit organization accounting software

Non-profit organizations require a platform like a profit organization to record statements to estimate in the end. The business activities of non-profit organizations are different from the business activities of profit organizations.

6 free Non-profit organization accounting software

When non-profit organization start their work with fresh funds, expenses, and utilize donation in social activities such as school, hospitals, daycare, childcare home so they also require accounting software where they can:

  • Manage their incoming and outgoing funds from donors.
  • Expenses invested in social activities
  • Tax charged by the government 
  • Record distributed grants 
  • And many more activities.

1. FrontAccounting – (For Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • FrontAccounting is software for small companies which is based on the web.
  • It has an accounting system that is very simple, easier to handle sales and purchase orders.
  • It has a powerful ERP chain that covers all the business operations such as payments, languages, general ledger with a budget, expenses, donations received, deposits, inventory, journal entry.
  • It is issued with a General Public License (GPU).
  • Users can acquire data from anywhere.
  • First trials are provided by this software company so that users can be satisfied.
  • In this software, journal entries run the whole transaction by keeping track of each department and automatically provide a save option.
  • Its new version was released in Feb2016 for Windows, Mac, Linux.

2. Ledger Lite – (simple accounting software)

  • LedgerLite is simple accounting software for non-profit organizations that provides flexibility.
  • It is simply downloaded by the users for maintaining a journal and general ledger where users can pass their business transactions with a date or period.
  • Users can download files in the form of PDF, EXE file, Hard drive.
  • Transfer the files to the accountants automatically once they are downloaded.
  • It is easy to use when you will work with it one time on ledgers and a double-entry bookkeeping system.
  • It is available in cheap functions.

3. xTuplePostBooks – (E-commerce solution)

  • It is an e-commerce platform for the manufacturing and distribution of ERP.
  • It has more power tools such as inventory management, manufacturing, scheduling, organizing, budgeting, planning so that the business can meet its accounting needs.
  • It is a real-time accounting process.
  • It has a big chain in sales which improves the business performance where users can save their data, tasks.
  • It helps to reduce working capital needs by analyzing cost, managing inventory, handling account receivable and account payables.
  • In the Dashboard, tools are available for doing business activities and get the latest updates regarding business for better decisions.
  • It performs for growing the business opportunities in manufacturing and distribution.

4. GnuCash – (For Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • It is a non-profit organization accounting software for small businesses to handle financial accounting.
  • It works with multiple currencies.
  • It has a GNU license which is free for the users.
  • It is easy to perform tasks such as track accounts receivables and payables, income, expense, bank statements, invoices, and donations received from donors.
  • In the end, it is the only one responsible for the book of accounts (double-entry bookkeeping system), maintaining the balance sheet by analyzing all the incoming and outgoing items.
  • It is popular for tracking finances with a limited budget.
  • It is a good startup for recording business financing activities of a non-profit organization.

5. TurboCASH – (For Single user)

  • It is not a fully designable accounting software for non-profit organizations that contains all the latest features, it is the simplest software that can be used by only single users at one time.
  • It has simple features such as billing, invoices, accounting receivables, and payables.
  • It has an ERP package with core functions such as general ledgers.
  • In the dashboard, tools are available for the updating process.
  • It is known as pink software registered under a GPL license.

6. VT CashBook – (Data entry records)

  • It is a Uk accounting software for a non-profit organization that records daily transactions.
  • It is like a data entry software that records only daily changes transactions, performs accounts handling tasks, bank reconciliation, VAT returns, balance sheets, ledgers.
  • It is simple and easy to access but the latest version of VT is not charged free with premium features.
  • Enter into a VT transaction, users need to use a license key for accessing.

6. SVERDYSH – (Website designer)

  • It is an accounting standard software that contains designed features and plans.
  • It has standard features such as billing, track invoices, P&L, balance sheet, income and expense statements, cash flow statement, bank account statements.
  • It is a website design software that is used by anyone.
  • It is free, usable, and allows anyone to create websites and use them for professional purposes.
  • It is a beneficial software for non-profit organizations so that they can build their business website on it to perform activities.

7. Best Non-profit organization accounting software

1. FreshBooks 

  • FreshBooks is an amazing tool for users if they are streaming a non-profit organization.
  • It has a different option of payment mode where fund providers or donors can send donations to the non-profit organization.
  • It is for small business accounting solutions.
  • The Accountants of non-profit organizations optimize their features for their business purpose.
  • Business owners can easily take receipts by using this software from donors.
  • Always get notified for tax filing.
  • Tracking non-profit organization activities such as expenses, donation, received inventory, available funds in Banks.
  • Users can track from anywhere for performing accounting solutions.
  • Supporters always stand for the users.
  • The accountants of a non-profit organization can work on different projects on this software while collaborating with others.
  • It provides paid services with additional features.
  • The Accountants can easily understand this software due to the simplicity of FreshBooks.
  • Business owners can interact with their clients from multiple locations so that they can familiarize themselves with the changes on the side of clients.

2. BSI General Ledger – (Mainly for small business)

  • It is a package of multiple features that are freely available.
  • Every feature has a version that performs its functions like billing software, ERP software, AR/AP software, general ledger, balance sheet, P&L account, 
  • It is simple accounting software for non-profit organizations.
  • Programmers are always ready to perform for their users.
  • It is a good startup accounting software for small, medium businesses.

3. QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks is also used by small businesses that are streaming their new business.
  • Quickbook has a free plan as well as paid plans.
  • Quickbooks allows accountants to record non-profit organization activities such as billing, track invoices, donation received from stakeholders and donors, grant distributions between stakeholders. 
  • Non-profit organizations can track all the available funds to invest in the business, and help to collect data of payment received, inventory received, expenses.
  • The Accountant can utilize it very easily without needing any experts but they can connect with them for technical errors.
  • Business owners can save pictures of receipts of donations received in the QuickBooks store.
  • It helps business owners to remember which donation has been received from which donors because it tracks all the payments received from the clients, vendors, and donors.
  • It helps users to manage all non-profit organization expenses that are invested in the business activities.

4. Sage non-profit accounting software

  • Sage is mainly for small and medium organizations so that they can handle their accounting and finance activities.
  • It is connected with millions of users for offering its accounting services such as tax, cash flow, payments.
  • It is a cloud management software that allows users to manage data for maintaining financial performance. 
  • Access data related to donations, funds, grants to meet its rules and guidelines by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).
  • Bookkeepers can perform bookkeeping tasks, general ledger tasks, reporting accounting donations, and budgeting.

5. FastFund Online Non-profit organization accounting software

  • It is best for maintaining a general ledger.
  • It’s not free accounting services but free support from technical supporters.
  • It is specially designed for non-profit organizations and government agencies who want to meet its business requirements by offering services.
  • It is a place where small agencies and small non-profit organizations can perform their business operations such as account payables, account receivables, cash management, invoices, bills, funds.
  • It allows users to receive funds from contributors by using social payment apps.
  • It maintains data in software rather than maintain in a spreadsheet, records in a spreadsheet increase the chances of risk and losing data.
  • With non-profit organizations, users can avoid additional fees such as audit fees, an extra tax charged by the government.
  • It automatically generates fresh data by receiving new updates so that the non-profit organization runs accordingly. 
  • It is also a website builder that builds a website for a non-profit organization so that they can collect charity from the contributors online.
  • Provide data security 
  • Automatic funds arrangement received from the contributors, stakeholders, and donors.
  • Easily import and export data from multiple locations through PDF, CSV files.

6. Non-profit+

  • Non-profit Plus allows non-profit organizations to offer social activities for building schools, hospitals, childcare homes.
  • It consists of different modules – social modules where an organization can provide social help in the form of donation, charity, grants. Financial modules- where organizations can manage their accounting services, funds, assets, expenses, AR/AP, managing volunteer, follow contributor, donor to collect more funds.
  • In simple words, we can say that it can handle from financial management to donor management in which an organization can track inventory, funds, and volunteers.
  • 24/7 support for users at any time.

7. Non-profit treasure

  • Non-profit treasure is designed for charity and donation services.
  • It accepts payments from contributors and donors.
  • It is a free version of nonprofit treasure in which users can get support from web developers through chats.
  • Training is also provided by the trainers who are the supporters for the users.
  • It is headquartered in the United States.
  • Managing financial activities as well as volunteer activities such as reports of volunteers, funds, expenses, income received, contributors, access bank statements, donors.

2 Non-profit accounting software for church

1. Aplos 

  • Aplos allows users to track donors, contributors, and funders who offer these types of services to the non-profit organization.
  • It allows users to accept online payments in the form of donations, grants, gifts.
  • It has a team that organizes management for running social activities.
  • It allows users to report data for analysis by using analytics software.
  • It is for non-profit church accounting software because it offers church services such as organizing events in the church, collect funds for church maintenance.

2. Breeze Software

  • Breeze software is specially designed for small and medium churches so that churches utilize it for maintaining accounting activities, events, functions on occasional days.
  • It gives access to the organization for handling the reports of the event through calls, messages, live chats with the supporters helps and access to the data of receiving payments and other data with mail chimp.
  • It allows organizations to collect funds from volunteers, contributors, donors and prepare separate data of contributors.
  • It contains no fees such as event charges, no startup fees.
  • It is better for both staff and existing members of the church who maintain the reports.
  • It transforms the old church data into new church data.
  • Supporters always share innovative ideas for using this software.
  • Unlimited users can access at the same time.

What is the best accounting software for non-profit organizations?

After researching and getting reviews from users, QuickBooks and FreshBooks are the best accounting software for non-profit organizations. It has many reasons to choose it due to detailed reports, tracking tools, tax preparation tools. Accounting software for nonprofits serves tasks for nonprofit organizations such as income, expenses, track inventory, paying members. Once the user submits the data as a user so you can access the data with updates from multiple locations. Both accounting software is capable of accepting payments from outsiders in the form of donations, funds, grants. On the other hand, It is a type of accounting software that helps to record multiple financial activities such as bookkeeping, tax-filing by following guidelines fixed by FASB. Even they record the income and expenses after tracking donors, contributors, and funders.

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