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In this digital world, every industry and everything is digitalized. But there is one industry that is left behind which is the construction app industry. If you think like this then you are wrong. There are so many apps in the market which help the construction industry and they can integrate with these apps to solve the problem. In this blog, we discuss some ‘best construction apps’. 

How are construction apps better to track construction activities?

The construction apps are better, just not because of advanced apps that are available for free to users, it is better due to their brilliant features and active functions. If we say the truth that so many people still don’t know about this kind of app, that’s why they use simple techniques in construction activities by which the construction work moves slowly and delay.

  • The construction apps help in scheduling their work, tracking the subcontractor data, field reports, and much more. 
  • These apps help the architects in their blueprints, design, layout, models and also give them animated models layout also. 
  • These apps help engineers, specialized contractors to manage their projects. 
  • Also, they can use these apps to review drawings, create punch lists, and manage their teams on the go, from the office, or out in the field.
  • The construction app performs multiple tasks such as tracking and sharing documents with clients, tracking construction site work and place when it is working, making budget through calculators, making changes on projects instantly.
Construction apps

What construction apps contain calculator features?

Yes, definitely construction apps contain all possible apps that are usable but excluded tax calculating apps. Calculator features will be found in each construction app as well as all other software. Calculating apps for constructing activities are used for evaluating profits by the business owners and clients. These construction apps are used by everyone who is involved in the construction project so that all can share data to make suggestions for changes.

5 Best construction calculator apps that

Here are some best construction calculator apps which are used in calculating profits and a set of multiple budgets to fix multiple tools, purchase materials.

1. AWC Span Calc – best apps for construction daily reports

  1. AWC stands for American Wood Council, a calculator made for wood joists and rafters. Under construction, wood construction is the initial part for updating a design through National Design Specification.
  2. The span calculator is used for wet calculations and commercials such as softwood and hardwood lumber. 
  3. Through the calculator, it calculates outdoor deck joists and easily calculates the codes for multiples sizes, grades, and species. 
  4. While constructing, the calculators perform a supporter which automatically evaluates the budget of performance from wood construction.
  5. It is free software or app that can be used by all users on any device such as android, and iPhones. If you want to get new features so daily updation is required.-

2. Construction Master 5 App – best design construction app

  • It is an official two-in-one construction app.
  • It is for industries that include two models – #4065 and #4080.
  • It is specially designed for android phones with advanced features and functions.
  • Advanced calculators for advanced construction.
  • If you have an iPhone or iPad, you will need to issue a new license for the convertible process, with the license you can use this app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Easy app with powerful tools for helpers like carpenters, Builders, constructors, and contractors.
  • It saves time to perform calculations and reduces complicated errors.

3 BuildCalc – best construction estimating software

  • A BuildCalc is a construction app that works on stairs. It is of the best calculating construction apps.
  • It has a function of a handy fence that describes the length, panels, posts automatically on the device.
  • It’s not free but it’s a cost app.
  • With this app, emails can be sent for knowing the activities.
  • It was available from 24th November in 2011.
  • Helpful for calculating all different kinds of projects.
  • It’s simple to use and works on android platforms.
  • Cost is high but service is also high.
  • It is easiest as well as advanced construction calculator 

4. All in one calculator by Mindbox – All-in-one construction calculator

  • It is an original all-in-one calculator for android.
  • It’s free and easy to use the multi converter and multi-features calculator.
  • It is a useful calculator that offers normal calculations with currency converters.
  • All-in-one calculators include multiple features that represent differences.
  • It has a capable calculator to convert 160 currencies.
  • It offers some mathematical solutions such as percentage, proportional, average calculators, fraction, prime number, and geometrical solutions such as a sphere, rectangle, rhombus, sphere, and cone and also converts into units.
  • Offers mathematical solutions and is easy to use.
  • It specifies all terms in the English language.

5. Photomath – best camera calculator app

  • It is an amazing camera calculator app that performs like a scanner to solve mathematical queries.
  • It is specially designed for android phones, iPhones, or iPads.
  • It is known as a maths solver that performs in 20 languages.
  • It is considered as a no.1 math learning app that offers solutions with equations.

List of Top 9 Construction safety Apps

These construction apps help you with the features they offer, tools included, price, and the company’s rating and reviews. Choose according to the construction which app is best for your company. 

Best Construction safety Apps for Android Phones and iPhones

All-In-One Calculator Free

  • All-In-One Calculator Free is an Android app and it’s free of cost. 
  • With the help of this app, a construction company can do all the construction-related calculations. 
  • Some extra types of calculation like Perform unit, currency conversions, calculate percentages, volumes, areas, and proportions all these works can be done with this help. 
  • This app has 75 types of calculators and unit converters.
  • For iPhone users, you can install Carpenter’s Helper Lite for all your unit calculation needs. 
  • It is similar to an all-in-one calculator.
  • It also Calculates stair lengths, roof pitch, rafter lengths, and much more things. 
  • One extra feature is included in both the android and iPhone users apps which is the Quick-Job feature. 
  • This helps you to quickly calculate projects like fencing, drywall, painting, and flooring.
Construction : all in one calculator

Building Calculator

  • This Building Calculator app is also free. 
  • This app is for android users. 
  • It helps the contractors to estimate the materials required for a project. 
  • This app can be used both online and offline. 
  • You can evaluate the usage of the material such as bricks, lumber, flooring, and paint. 
  • Also, you can roughly estimate the concrete volume, armature’s weight, wall blocks needed, and more. 
  • iPhone users, can use the Construction Calculator app. 
  • This app is similar to building a calculator app which helps you to calculate the stairs and rafters’ needs and also convert the dimensional formats.
Construction: building calculator


  • PlanGrid is a very popular app in the construction industry. 
  • This app is also free of cost. Both android and iPhone users use this app.  
  • It is a mixture of different tools. 
  • This app helps to make paper blueprints of the project without any difficulty. 
  • You can sync your data when it is Wi-Fi connected. 
  • With this app, you can view and share blueprints, notes, and drawings with others also. 
  • On this app, you can also share issues tracking field markups and progress photos. 
Construction: plan grid


  • This Fieldwire app is used for task management work. 
  • It is also free of cost. Both android and iPhone users use this app for construction work. 
  • All the field workers can view field-related up-to-date files, their blueprints of the projects, and other construction-related tasks on their mobile devices. 
  • They can view all the details while at the work. 
  • All the contractors link their location and its blueprints with this app. 
  • Also, they can set deadlines, assign different types of priority to their work, and much more things they can do on this app. 
  • Also, contractors create a list of material required for the project, designs, photos of the work, create reports, and also they can inform the employees about the new project with the help of messages and emails.
Construction: fielfwire

DEWALT Mobile Pro

  • This app is full of construction features.
  •  All the construction calculations and all construction-related tools come under this app. 
  • How much material is required you will get all the details of the materials and with the examples. 
  • Several different add-on calculations platforms help you in calculation work. 
  • This full-featured construction calculation and reference tool do it all.  
  • You can also see your history and also you can check the past results. 
  • You can also save a few calculation works which will be needed in the future.  
Construction: dewalt mobile pro

Autodesk BIM 360

  • This app does all the project management work like safety, commissioning, quality, documentation, and building information management (BIM). 
  • This app is available for android and iPhone users. 
  • This app is cloud-based and you can do all reporting and calculation work. 
  • Also, you can use templates that give you more quality to your project. 
  • You can track the project with the help of a dashboard. All the updates will be saved on the dashboard. 
Construction : autodesk bim 360


  • This is very simple to use and very effective also. 
  • It gives you very accurate results. With this app, builders can find the cheapest gas location which is near to their location. 
  • The GasBuddy community regularly updates and adds information on stations, prices, and distance so that the contractors’ team can easily find the least expensive station. 
  • This is very useful, and by finding the gas station your a lot of time will be saved. 
  • Also, you will get notifications about gas prices, new stations, and much more. 
  • They also give challenges where you can win gas also. 
Construction : gas buddy


  • The canvas app is used for reporting purposes. 
  • All the contractors use this app for reporting the details of the project. 
  • Where they can fill the audits forms, inspections, estimates, and work orders all through your cell phone or another mobile device. 
  • With this app, the use of pen and paper will be very little. 
  • You can yourself Create forms on the app without any knowledge, you can convert them to PDF, and also you can share these files.
Construction : canvas


  • This app is cloud-based. 
  • All construction project management work will be done. 
  • This will help you to update with the project details while traveling, if you are offline then also you will be updated with the project details.
  •  Also, you can check and update drawings, daily logs, RFIs, specifications, inspections, deficiency lists, timecards, and more from your mobile device. 
  • It also has a camera function so you can incorporate photos. Both android and iPhone users use this app. 
Construction : procore

6 best construction scheduling apps

Construction scheduling apps help to arrange professional as well as organizational meetings that provide workflows with timings, and dates. Scheduling apps are also required to manage construction management so that they can deal with clients to manage effectively through coordination and collaboration.

1. Quickbooks Time

  • Quickbook is the construction scheduling app that helps to track times and offers an arrangement of dates and projects. 
  • It is an accounting software in which multiple activities are done such as payroll processes. 
  • It is a time tracking and best scheduling software for employees’ effective workflow and builds an easy schedule of jobs to manage projects. 
  • It allows you to submit accurate work in your spreadsheet so that you can directly share with your team and be active with other users and also that you can share your work life with your clients.
  • It has a supportive team that is always active in resolving its client issues.
  • Free as well as a paid service provider.
  • It performs like a tracker, clock, which allows users to be notified with them. 
  • It helps you to arrange multiple jobs and schedule interviews with candidates and also arrange with their duties.
  • Save reports in the form of PDF, CSV, HTML, and Online, share reports as well.
  • Helps to arrange employee shifts on construction sites with advanced tools, this improves more productivity.

2. SmartSheets

  • Smartsheet is an exploring platform that stays connected with construction companies to communicate and collaborate for offering service.
  • It is used to perform tasks such as accountability, planning, organizing, documenting, inspecting, staffing, directing, and productivity that is useful to completing scheduling processes.
  • You will find simple features which are used by every user that are as simple as other sheets such as google sheets or MS.Excel.
  • This also contains rows and columns in which you can perform your tasks and prepare data on it such as tracking employee’s information with import and export data.
  • This is available for both Android and iPhones.

3. Visilean

  • Visilean is the first construction management software after more research.
  • It is a part of CCS G-Cloud 12 as a vendor.
  • It has been announced for digital construction work that handles business activities digitally.
  • During covid, it allows users to track works so that users can become familiar with them.
  • It has been awarded for innovation for BIM and project planner with construction computing awards in London.
  • Many companies have a partnership with it due to the best construction management software.
  • It gives results by doing full performance such as Dynamic planning, reporting, searching, integrating, collaborating, productivity, communicating, tracking, improving data, contracting, and designing.
  • It is trustable software that connects with teams as well as data through supporting and getting a positive outcome.

4. Procore

  • Procore is a construction management software for android or tablet which is known as the power of cloud-based construction management.
  • As a user, you can upgrade things in it and start working and getting the latest update on projects without internet connectivity.
  • It is known for managing such as drawings, daily logs, timecards, scheduling, submitter, specifications, organizer, and arranger or director.
  • You can transfer data or copy it to another device when you have access.
  • You need to update in a short time to get good service.
  • It offers accountable as well as digital services.
  • You can download, share, and install any applications in it.

5. Float

  • It is a resource management platform where you can plan and organize and discuss your work.
  • It is all in one place where you can do multiple things like tracking, planning, scheduling, updating, assigning, editing, budgeting, consulting.
  • Offers IT services with having agencies and firms.


  • It has been built for next-level business, meaning advanced building teams.
  • You can get service with a free demo.
  • Helps to manage construction contracts, projects at one time by providing all advantages in one login.
  • With this app, you can connect with other business constructors who are scheduling construction activities. 
  • Group interactions, chats are available.