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Advocacy software is nonprofitable software. This software is used by social workers, nonprofitable organizations, and advocates.  This software is created to spread awareness among peoples about some issues. This software is also used in campaigns to bring some change in society and spread public awareness in society. Advocates use this software to bring some change and push the community to think about some issues which are going on in society and serve them.  

This software is not only used for awareness purpose but also encourage the communities and supporters to take action against the issues and resolve the issue for the society and bring some positive change in the society. This software is used to educate society and engage them to bring change. 

All the social workers, nonprofitable organizations,s and advocates use this software to handle various issues, social problems,s and social campaigns from start to finish. With this software, we can monitors the campaign and we can plan the campaign, and do marketing also by putting or signing or sharing online petitions with various peoples, and sending messages, emails, etc things about the campaign. 

Some campaigns are logistically complex in nature and they require long supervision and need some dedicated software to design the campaigns and handle specific tasks. But the pandemic changes every aspect of the campaigns. 

After the spread of the covid-19, spreading the awareness, educating the audiences is very challenging, and engaging the supporters is very tough.  But with the help of advocacy software over this problem is resolved. now every task of the campaigns is very easy. We can easily do recruit, engage audiences, and, etc tasks we do. 

Top 10 Advocacy software to use in 2022

1. Fundly

Fundly is the best advocacy software and it will load with multiple features. In this software, we can make strong connections and relationships with the donor. This software will help you in online advocacy also. In this software, we can able to manage the donor details and makes reports so that we can easily use them to the potential advocate and they tell about the cause. This software makes work easier for nonprofitable organizations to manage every campaign and do the marketing of the campaign. You can easily track the supporters and interact with them so you can know which strategy is working for your campaign.

2. Socxco

Socxo is another nest and leading Advocacy software. This software helps in brand building, managing, and measure social media strategies of advocacy or nonprofitable organizations. This software helps businesses to build relationships with the employees and influencers and generate some organic audiences by reaching them through content marketing efforts. This software is having the power tool like social media and they influence people through networks to attract, engage, and empower your employees, partners, and fans to be your best brand ambassadors.

3. Bloomerang

This bloomerang is another app for advocacy. This is cloud-based. In this, we can make connections with donors and engaging them. This app is used for fundraising and for donor management. In this, we can make a donor database also. Bloomerang pricing starts at $19.00 per feature for the month. There is a free version is also available. But Bloomerang does not offer any free trial.

4. NationBuilder

 NationBuilder is the big platform. Which is having millions of users and followers. in this thousand of the campaign are currently running, with thousands of advocacy, and we can raise the funds from around the world. Under this, we can Engage your supporters, volunteers, and donors by using the one intuitive system. Nationbuilder is having a fully integrated website and r database. Where all the fundraising people’s details are saved and also have some advanced option like sending email and text messages to audiences. This app is having more than 9,000 trusted customers in 112 countries. Its starting price is $29 for a month. Few monthly plans are also available. These plans’ prices depend on the size of the database and few features also vary as the prices changes. In these plans, we can include or add an unlimited number of peoples and we can send an unlimited number of emails to audiences, supporters, etc. A free trial version is also available for this app.

5. Influitive

Influitive is cloud-based and we can run this app on any platform is ios, mac, android, and windows. In this, we can build communities and invite peoples to complete the challenge and we also take feedbacks, suggestions also. This feedback will help us to create a new personalized challenge and this will help us in targeting a particular set of audiences. In this app, we can automatically earn points and perks, and privileges. In this, we can create visual reports and the return of the activities. While this app is integrated with the CRM and the marketing automation software which will help the supporters and member to guide the entire journey of the campaign.

6. Salsa Engage

Salsa is a supporter’s based platform that is managed by nonprofitable organizations. Salsa is having a built-in marketing automation system, fundraiser database, donor management system. All these systems and databases will help your organizations to grow and expand. Salsa engage software is integrated with the salsa CRM which will help us to work effectively and efficiently. This software work with the salesforce also. Starting price of the software is 29$ for a month and with features. 

7. GaggleAMP

GaggleAMP is an advocacy software which is developed for employee of advocacy. This platform is used for communications purposes to license the employees and stakeholders through social media via sharing the voice, press opportunities, and marketing campaign performance. This app is also used to increase the brand awareness of the company by enables the sales team and give a license to communicate and also engaging the HR team to communicate with the internal drive how to increase the branding. GaggleAMP has 50 different actions to support powerful employee advocacy programs at companies both big and small. The starting price of the app is 300 $ for a month for 25 members.

8. Muster

Muster provides you with a simple process of communication with different levels of a government employee who passes the laws. The Muster’s advocacy software provides you tools, where you can quickly and effectively communicate with your advocates of different levels like local, state, federal levels. With this also you can create new emails, tweets, campaigns, and much more things. With this, you can create newsletters and update the advocate by email and encourage the new supporters to join your organization.

9. Charityproud

This is cloud-based. Basically, this software is for a fundraiser and for donor management.  It is having a user-friendly interface and easy to use. So many tools are there which can be used by nonprofitable organizations of any size. This software starting price is $75.00.The free version is not available for this software. Charityproud offers you a free trial.

 10. Quorum

A quorum is a cloud-based software and this software is designed to help public professionals for managing the process of social issues and engaging advocates to promote various causes using social media platforms like Facebook/LinkedIn lead ads, inbound texting, and personalized communication tools. The main features of this software are campaign management, customer advocacy, legislation tracking, social engagement, and advocate management.

Organizations can use this software to grow their network by sending or by subscription via newsletters and finding advocates on social media. This helps you to build a custom-based website. A centralized database is there that will store all the supporter’s details and sort them accordingly to the different levels. 

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