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First, we will talk about email? Email refers to electronic mail as a method of sending letters from a computer or other device through the internet. There are many free services available on the internet and the most usable and advantageable thing is that email can be sent from smartphones in the same way that an email is sent from a computer or laptop. In today’s world, there are also many available Best Email Apps where we can choose any one of them for their personal or business purpose.

We all know that the email that we use is influential for our professional purpose or commercial purpose so that whatever any other person will mail us any message, it will be automatically saved in our inbox.

How Best Email Apps Useful?

If we want to work as a professional person and get the latest update about business so you have to first check your email inbox daily early morning. It is known to all that a lot of professional people only use email for their message or documents to carry forward to their clients.

When the first email came, its members were not so much but nowadays, there is no count of email users because it is the best email writing apps which offers writing services. Its response is only that in today’s time there are many types of best email apps. Sometimes, we are not able to receive any message or forget to check our email inbox so this gives a notification every day about a pending unread message. It manages all the messages in the inbox.

Now let’s come to today’s topic “ best email apps 2020” for android 

10 Best Email Apps for Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac

  1. Gmail
  2. Aquamail
  3. Protonmail
  4. Tutanota
  5. Microsoft outlook
  6. Edison email
  7. Missive
  8. Spike
  9. Type app
  10. Spark

1. Gmail

Gmail refers to google mail which is very popular and found most in smartphones or laptops. We all know it’s a free web-based version of an email service and is used by connecting with the internet. It was launched in 2004, now in today’s time, it has over one billion users. It has mailbox storage of 15GB and it stores all the messages or emails on google servers for future reference. The best thing about in this, it is the easiest and oldest email apps for windows and phones.

If you are a very passionate user of mail service then Gmail is the best for you.

There are some extra features such as you can make groups on Gmail with your business clients and make a group video call and you can make multiple accounts on Gmail. Gmail provides a useful tool for organizing your email and other tools like all the social notifications or messages stored in “spam”. In Gmail, there are some Google apps such as calendar, contact.

For laptops, you can chat with your friends or business clients in a hangout also…Gmail has the support of two email accounts (IMAP and POP) With IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), it does not keep the incoming and outgoing messages in local devices such as smartphones or laptops for much time and put in the Google server. With POP (Post Office Protocol), it keeps the messages on local devices such as smartphones or laptops).

The one thing is this mail app is available on iPhones also.

2. Aquamail

Aquamail is a free email app with any email. Aquamail is the go-to-app for your email needs whether it is for personal or professional or commercial purposes. Aquamail has support for email protocol services (IMAP, POP3, EWS, SMTP) through the internet and also email services like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Apple, AOL, and more.It also has security features and also takes feedback for authentication. The most advantageous thing in this is that it has always updated automatically. 

There are some ordinary features such as a sent box, draft box, (calendar and contacts for office 365, exchange online), and if you want to delete something so there is an option of “undo”. It’s the free version but there are some premium features also available such as push mail for exchange servers, office 365, and more.

3. Protonmail

Protonmail is free for everyone with additional premium features also (paid). In this, you and your clients easily chat and very easy to use among all email apps. Even it acts as a safeguard because it protects your messages archive with zero access encryption so that only you and your clients can read messages only.

The most useful thing is that this proton mail provides security. It is known as the safest and securable email app for window 10, iPhone, mac, IOS, etc in the world. There are some extra features of security(AES, RSA, PGP) so that your message will be safe and securely stored and no one other third person can read your messages.

4. Tutanota

5. Tutanota is also a secure email service but not so much more than proton mail. It’s a free email app. It was built in Germany. The users of iPhones, Android, and websites are easy to use. The most advantageable thing is that you can send messages to non-tutanota users. 

Due to encryption, it cannot scan your emails that’s why it is very different from other emails. Users can also create their tutanota email addresses with 1GB of data.

5. Microsoft outlook

It’s a free best email app for Chromobooks and windows. With a Microsoft outlook mail account, you can create and combine a personal account, business account, calendar of work in one place. Microsoft Outlook has also been built with functions such as calendering, task managing, note-making, contact, browsing for easy search.

6. Edison email

This email app was invented by Edison. This is the most simple, secure, and fast-growing experience email app. This manages your accounts by email and updates with messages. Edison email has also supported Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, POP3, and IMAP mail accounts, and more. The users of iPhone, android can easily use it.


Sometimes, small businesses need the best email app for windows in which they can work together and collaborate by making group chats, group video calls for productivity. In simple words, they want to work in management. There is a limitation of 3 members for collaboration and 15 days of limited history but with a premium subscription, can take a lot of additional features.

8. Spike

It’s a free email writing app. Users can use this email app very easily. There are some features of spike such as yahoo, google, IMAP, and more. Spike has a most powerful inbox in which you can make your conversation email, notes, calendar, docs for collaboration. You can email within a team, chats, do listings within a team also.

9. Type app

Its email app is free also with a beautifully created and designed mail experience by managing your email accounts. It has several features of protocols like google, yahoo, IMAP, Hotmail, etc. you can open your email account on Typeapp with simple and beautiful creation by just going on the google play store. It is also available on both desktop or mobile and for iPhone or Android users.

10. Spark

Its free email service and spark permit its users to create, discuss, and share with their clients or colleagues. Spark has an advantage like if you get a message of different purpose like business, social or personal or news so spark has divided into personal places. It allows teams for private conversations, drafts, and easy collaboration with a team. It has also simple features like google, yahoo, Hotmail, pop3, IMAP, and more.

8. Best Email Apps for mac

It’s not necessary that every time we can check our mailbox by sitting in front of the computer, we can also use the Mac box.

Yes of course we can choose the best of the best email apps for mac from the play store because if you have a mac box so we don’t need to open our system for only mail inbox, you can follow the same procedure through Email on mac. 

The users of mac have a lot of advantages when it comes to interacting with email clients on the desktop because desktop users take a lot of features, advantages, versions, functions, etc. By the way, the most common email apps such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook.

1. Apple Mails

Apple mail clients are usually coming from iPhone clients because mac also facilitates the same types of features to their users which are provided by the apple mail clients.

You know what Apple Mail fulfills all requirements of the user and acts as multiple supporters which helps them to read their messages on inbox and clarify them. In the best apple mail app for mac, Siri is the main supporter, acts as a performer and assistant who works for its clients or users.

2. Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is sounding like a bird name but it’s not a bird, rather it is an best email apps for mac users or clients. It has been active from last many years and also the most preferable best email app for mac users.

It is effective, capable is filled with many features, and performs more than other email apps. If you want to build your business document safely so you should go for installing this email.

3. PostBox

What is the purpose of the PostBox that the customer’s letter or message reaches its destination? 

This postbox also works the same way, but it is an electronic postbox that conveys and receives messages online. 

It is smarter than other email apps because it has availability of designing, compatibility, effectiveness to deal with user’s clients and user’s documents related to business, personal.

4. Nylas Mail

Nylas Mail is a free source of an email where we can connect with social media sites to get business information and the best part of this, it accesses all the important information related to business automatically. 

If you are the first user, it will allow you to fix the wizard window for creating more than one account on it.

5. Airmail

Airmail is the king of all best email apps for IOS because it is known as the supporter of all email apps that’s why Apple picked it, if you don’t know it has a crucial part in the Apple app. 

Modern, personality development, professional clients use most this app, just because of its quality of winner(Winner of Apple Design Award). It allows its users to interact with other email clients without any interference, and always gets support from its technical support.

6. Polymail

What exactly does Polymail provide its clients? Polymail is not an email app, rather it’s more than an email service provider because it’s not just sent and received messages to and from clients or customers or competitors, or dealers but it also its own business in which it allows users to do sales and interact with other email services.

It is considered a multiple service provider which is famous for doing many business activities.

7. Canary Mail

Canary Mail is about the design and security provider. Yes, it is known for security protection more than other email apps. It secures the data of its clients in a safe place and always gets notified about any spam, critical errors, wrong attempts with an account.

In simple words, we can say that it acts as a safeguard or a guard who always does protection.

8. Unibox

Unibox gives you everything by doing all settings on email and users don’t need to do anything after creating an account, they just enjoy its available features such as group chats, email text. It guides the people not to waste time on managing the things, rather get more interaction with new founders.

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