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Every business owner stores his financial records for future motive so that at the end of the year, he can calculate his income, the expense. Now whether it is a paper record or store all your records in some accounting software. Well, in today’s time, accounting software owners prefer to use an eligible accounting software. There is also a reason that paper records can be damaged at any time and the software also stores and maintains updates, along with present business details, owners don’t need to do anything and get notification also for the latest update timely. There are several versions of each accounting software such as payroll app, expense tracker app, bookkeeping , invoicing, etc so every version has its own popularity for its own work. Many people find it difficult to calculate the expense so in this case, they can use an expense tracker app. The expense tracker app is available in the versions of these accounting software. This expense tracker app easily tracks your expenses with the latest business details and notifies you by preparing your expense record.

The first software called “Quicken”, which was first used for finance purposes and its first version came out in the form of a desktop in 1983. But in today’s world, everyone has smartphones, android phones with expense tracker apps that can easily help to reach financial knowledge to its users.

Let’s start learning about some expense tracker apps available on the internet.

Top 9 Best Expense Tracker App


Everyone knows its name “QuickBooks”, there is an amazing accounting software and there are also many types of versions who do their job well and satisfy their users. QuickBooks easily track your expenses easily and also give 24/7 QuickBooks support for their users.

If you have a startup of your business and you need a qualified accounting software for expense tracker  so you can use this software without any consulting. It is made for both individual or commercial purposes. It ignores all your mistakes like mixing reports, getting errors, results not being clear shows and so on. This fulfills your business needs or requirements according to their given information. The advantage of expense tracker, payroll expenses, bookkeeping, invoicing management, billings and many other things all in one app.

Charges: Paid

Personal capital

 If you have a sufficient balance in your account and you want to start your business with a better report of finances so personal capital is the right path for your business. It’s free and easy to use. Once you made a transaction of your business expense so it can easily track your expense with the expense tracker app by using your debit or credit card details. You have to connect your bank with your software because in every transaction made by the bank so automatically software tracks immediately. It’s great for investment, finance, expense tracking but not so good for making a budget.

Charges: Free of cost with each version.

Clarity money

Its speciality for mobiles app and online. Most of the users use this app on the phone, in this users can do many such activities like design, funcard style in app analysis, broad account support and so many that represent your daily activities of spending, investing, subscription,etc. Clarity money is considered as a financial app which is free to use and analyzes your financial records and helps you to make decisions about investment in business, about saving money, automatically cancel unwanted subscriptions after recurring expenses.

Charges: Free of cost


 Mint is the oldest financial app and a leader in popularity because it facilitates budgeting, expense tracking, billings filled with options of featured expense tracker apps. Without mint, an expense tracker app is incomplete and also a wide support of bank, lender, creditors, etc for regular receiving information to keep tracking.

Charges: Free of cost


It is an app for daily track expenses. Suppose you spent money on something and get a bill also so it automatically tracks your expense with your debit or credit card details. It is for android platforms in which users can do budgeting, expense tracking, billings, and most of the things.

Charges: Free of cost


 This app is popular for making budgeting. Its inventors really do work hard to focus to make this app unique and speciality for budgeting and expense tracking. Its new versions only for expense tracker apps so YNAB is totally fit for you, if you want to do proper budgeting and expense tracking.

Charges: Paid but free trial available for 34 days.


It is a finance budgeting app. Let’s start from one example, if you do shopping, then other apps track your expenses and make a budget to create a financial record but Mvelops but there is a speciality of Mvelopes that it already tells you that you have such a budget that you have to spend accordingly. It removes your financial fatigue by making your maximum savings.

Charges: Paid after 30 days free trial.


 Zoho is a broadband expense tracker app tool for business and IT solutions. It is an online expense software that automatically does the process of expensing, you just submit valid information. After completion of expensing, it allows you to take a screenshot of an online receipt and download immediately in zoho expense app. The best thing is that it works on 10 languages and accesses data from vendors, clients, customers, merchants, bankers or lenders etc. It has many features.

Charges: Paid after 28 days free trial. If you will have any query in future, so you can easily contact its support service.


 Rydoo automatically tracks all the expenses with all the transaction happens and submit your expense report or receipt through email, dropbox, camera, evernote. If you submit your additional information such as bank details, vendors or customer financial information, mode of payment so it also tracks and matches expenses with them.

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