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Free SMS Marketing Software offers advanced SMS quality in which we will have everything that gives a new look of SMS with emojis, alphabet design (to make our conversation designable and unique), and much more. Each entrepreneur and individual has a bulk of SMS to do on a regular business day to convey their business thoughts to their customer or clients, on the other side, individuals usually talk with their friends or colleagues through SMS for crucial work or entertainment purposes. It now has basic and required technology which is required to increase talk between teams.

SMS are done through messengers, emails, text on simple messengers to convey the messages that are crucial for now life because making a call every time is not the right way to interact with anyone. That’s why interacting through messages with business clients or solving queries of customers can be the right thing to do. Through SMS, performing marketing is the right solution to explore our business and build our new clients by dropping our message and waiting for their reply when the recipients are free.

There are many active free SMS marketing software that helps to make multiple SMS at a single time by selecting multiple recipients. This kind of software allows us to make unlimited SMS with no cost and enjoy unlimited texts from any region to region, country to country.

Uses Of Free SMS Marketing Software

  • Free SMS software allows us to make free text messages to anyone from anywhere along with multiple SMS types such as customized SMS, group SMS, single SMS, scheduled SMS, advanced SMS. SMS sends our thoughts to the opposite one instantly.
  • It allows us to send our SMS with creativity so that when messages are delivered to clients, it will look like a decent and well-presented SMS.
  • It also saves our messages in draft for a future appearance.
  • Allow to staying active long with clients on the desktop of SMS marketing software.
  • Allow SMS from the web and on the web.
  • Offers ideas to make your SMS meaningful and allows us to send files from desktop through PDF, PPT, CSV, JPEG Files.

List of 21 Free SMS Marketing Software of 2021

Entrepreneurs and Individuals can find multiple varieties of SMS marketing software to stay connected with their clients through respectful SMS whether it is voice as well as text.

Best reseller software

Xtra Bulk SMS

It is the best SMS software in which we can send extra messages in bulk to the recipients with easy connection of server and fast SMS provider. To join with Xtra Bulk SMS, just register yourself with a username and password and enjoy unlimited SMS benefits

Top-rated Bulk SMS provider

My SMS Mantra

It allows customers to connect through chat boxes. Also known as Whatsapp business solutions where we can interact with our clients on Whatsapp messengers through video calls as well as voice calls. It guides us in technical resolving errors, understands business needs and helps us to find the right SMS that fits your business conversation with high-quality services.

Bulk SMS provider

Atomic SMS sender

It allows us to send text messages in bulk to our customers for business purposes to make a lead. It tells us the exact time of the zone of the party region so that they can also be active to receive our message. Also has a great feature of a reminder of an event so that we can use them to send greetings to our clients.

Online bulk SMS provider

Rapid SMS

It is considered a secure and safe messaging platform. Rapid SMS happens in one-to-one through messaging apps and with this help, we can send a single message to the thousands of recipients by just one click by using proper internet connectivity. It also takes our feedback regarding our past experience with it. Along with the benefit of bulk SMS, it also gives us an allowment of attaching a files attachment in the form of PDF, PPT, JPEG, CSV, etc.

Free Android app

Frontline SMS

Frontline is an updated tool of SMS interaction in which automated structures are given for the user of this platform that saves our time a lot. It also gives the facility of payments, group chat, API requests, saves all contacts in a fixed folder and regularly updates them.

Global messaging app


The Instant messaging platform where we don’t need to wait much more due to faster communicator with tech qualities. It allows us to received messages from clients over the web through instant alerts and also gives permission to receive messages and calls from virtual phone numbers. Springedge has more features like web interference, instant messaging, save past data of clients, report and analytics duty and being globally active.

Best mass text messaging service

Text marks

Send regular messages at the same time and the best platform to gain thousands of clients to grow our business. Also helps us to get instant replies and save data of customers in a single place. Textmarks has the features of converting a simple written message into an innovative message.

Easier text messenger


Textsync is the easiest and simplest SMS marketing software due to its high reliability and low cost in which no monthly payment is required. It is always that our content of messages should be meaningful and unique. Also allows us to stay connected with previous existing products and clients by using Microsoft flow apps. It has the quality of tracking all reports of SMS marketing statistics on web links.


  • SMsit is an app for texting through an online interface on the web and the hope of instant credits. It has the features of:
  • SMS reminders – reminds me to check messages on time and do messages based on time region.
  • Bulk SMS – make the bulk of messages at the same time
  • Email to SMS – we can messages through mail to the clients
  • SMS Keywords – It helps us to select keywords to make our message content meaningful
  • Virtual number – It allows us to send and receive messages from a virtual number
  • Website – It allows us to talk on website messenger to the clients.

Connection SMS marketing software


Skipio is an SMS automated marketing software in which senders can be busy in making a relationship with new clients because it helps us to find new business clients and helps to get more responses in less time, helps to make more sales by investing multiple time and resources.

Business texting SMS marketing software


MessageKite allows us to interact with clients from the reception desk with a business number for managing business tasks and customer queries. It has three features such as

Two-way messaging – Send and receive messages, files, pictures, videos, pdf from desktop during communicating with customers.
Scheduled messaging – Automated send text messages at a fixed date and solve queries
Message templates – Use templates for common messages

Ringless Voicemail Text marketing software

Ringless Voicemail Drops

Ringless Voicemail Drops allows us to record voicemail SMS and save them into our folder. It is an expensive marketing platform that receives the highest conversion rates and high pay on single messages. We can send a voicemail instant to all clients with just a single click. Voicemail is the way to reach our messages to the clients so that they can reply back instant.

Future of Reach SMS marketing software

Reach Interactive

Reach interactive is a platform for entrepreneurs who want to grow with their clients to create leads while maintaining customer service level by being user-friendly at a reasonable price. It secures our messages to crosscheck. For extra service, call on 24/7 support.

Original TextFree app


TextFree can be active on android, iOS, and desktop. It helps us to find the area codes to get the new clients and customers for solving queries. It is totally free and a type of texting and VoIP. It has the features of sending texts, group messages, pictures, and emojis, and much more to create message content definably and creatively.

Innovative SMS Software


  • Ubisend is a chatbot and automated software with experienced tools.
  • It saves resources and time in business.
  • Ubisend is used to solve challenges in entire business.
  • It helps to provide solutions for existing and new clients.
  • It has a set of tools which is complex.
  • It increases the efficiency of the business.
  • It is a core platform that enables employees.

Business SMS marketing software


  • Textplode is UK based marketers and developers.
  • It is an easy platform that allows increased sales and marketing by doing more SMS.
  • Don’t take more time to deliver messages.
  • It has features of reminders, promotion, marketing, and supporters.
  • It offers creatable SMS messages to achieve market targets.
  • With textplode, it is easy to interact with clients by doing SMS whether you use desktop, iPhone, iPad, tablet, or android.
  • It helps to provide content examples and ideas so that you can write content messages to your clients by just single click on the send button.

Voice Broadcasting SMS marketing software


  • CallHub builds relationships through SMS conversation.
  • It comforts clients with phone banking service, SMS broadcast, Peer to Peer texting, and Voice Broadcasting software.
  • It has more than 1000 clients from six continents.
  • It has a CRM software that voice and SMS service to connect supporters.

Beeline SMS marketing software


  • It helps to build relationships with customer through this software.
  • It provides business texting and personal texting platforms to interact with customers.
  • The TextBee team is the success of the every entrepreneur.
  • It manages to control clients by providing all features to entrepreneurs.
  • Great SMS marketing software for users.

Automated Marketing Software


  • Flashy has more traffic of users where they connect easily with clients to grow their business.
    It offers 24/7 marketing service and provides data so that users use them for actions.
  • It is a software of email marketing and content to explore automated business.
  • It is designable software to convert visitors into real clients for a long time.
  • It is a clear picture of activities in which you can apply all tools and features by just registering into it.
  • It is a powerful tool with new and faster technology.
  • It is preferred more than other SMS marketing software due to faster technology.

Mobile SMS platform software


  • It is a bulk SMS software due to its smart analytics tool.
  • It is cloud-based software that is reliable, consistent, and scalable.
  • It is a safe and secure tool to send messages and an expensive tool.
  • It helps to collect clients fast with targeted messages.
  • It has features of video content, voice messaging, content messaging, communicating features.
  • It helps to reduce mistakes of clients to boost employees.
  • Work in lead generation on social media to interact more customers for business
  • Also offer trainiing regarding techniques of attracting customers and learn how to increase interest in customers.

Top Email SMS marketing tool

Tear Cloud

  • Tear cloud stands for Total Email Autoresponder.
  • It offers an affordable price.
  • It has a single package of cloud software.
  • It helps to anlyze results to reach an audience.
  • Easily download on desktop for fast access.
  • It has advanced features that are simple to use.

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