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We are going to know about “Business Card Scanner App” but we should know first what is “Business Card”. The Business card describes the existence and promotion of a business. It includes some of the most crucial business details like the owner of the company(phone number, name), related to the company such as company address, company telephone number, fax number, what product company sells) so these types of information exist on the business card.

If we say a Business Card is proof of a company’s existence and sharing our company information with the clients. If the person has a business card of another person so they reach that person very easily. That’s the benefit of a business card. In simple words, the Business card is the way of an official connection between the clients and owner. Suppose, the client has come to the “coal” company and he or she is happy with the company products and then he is ready to deal with the company’s owner. Then the owner of the company gives business cards to the clients for visiting again and spreads their business through business cards to their friends. This is a circulation process and this is an easy way but not the quickest way to reach the information of our company’s product or services.

What is a Business Card Scanner App?

Business Card Scanner app is an applications that you can easily install or download on your phone. Once the app is installed, you can scan the business card very easily, and add the person to the contact list and even their company information already captured in your phone. After scanning, all the things or information mentioned on the business automatically save in your phone whether it is text or image. So Exchange of the business card between the clients and owner is essential for the success of the business.

As we all know, now there is a digital world and no one has so much patience. The Business card scanner app is the quickest way to exchange contact information on your phone.

There are some available Business Card Scanner Apps for android or iPhones users with relevant features.

13 top free business card scanner apps for android & iPhone

1. Scan Biz Cards: Free with paid plans

This Business card Scanner App is available for events. It’s free for individuals with a paid plan of $100 per user/year. It is available for android and iPhone users.

ScanBizCards are very accurate and easy to scan. It is available for business-to-business (B2B) leads for conferences or events. The main thing is it captures and scans all the details of contact including email signature directly from email and address book sync, from this, it will update your contact list also. You can export data to the CRM and scan information related to the events or conferences.

2. Scan Contacts( Free)

It’s very free of cost with no paid plan. It is available for android or iPhone users. It is beneficial for HubSpot users because if you want to scan more than one Business Card so you can use Scan Contacts and convert or export data directly into CRM. It is very flexible to use.

3. Hay Stack: Free with paid plans

Haystack is free but also available paid plans for users and it is available for Android or iPhone users. If you want to create digital business cards and take advantage of unlimited Business Card Scanner app so this app is very beneficial for you. It gives you the allowance to share with anyone and it’s free for individuals and teams. In case you want to scan with a paid plan so you can unlock all the paid features like CRM, Custom vanity URLs, and analytics. By using a paid plan of Custom vanity so you can send contacts to the brand link.

4. iCapture(Paid)

You have to contact capture for taking information related to the price. It is available for android and iPhone users. This app is specially designed for events and wants to show a demo of your product to the clients so that this type of information can easily scan through this app. This is retrieving the data of QR codes, barcodes, and RFID. It has a quality of Business Card Scanner App and can be easily transmitted and time-saving scanner.

5. Microsoft OneNote (Paid)

If you are a permanent user of Microsoft office so this is best for you and its price is also included in Microsoft office 365. It is for android and iPhone users. Your smartphone camera will be very useful for capturing and Business Card Scanning. Once your Business Card Scanning then the information kept in the Business card export into the Microsoft one note. This will store your note or contact information in a single place.

6. Evernote(Paid): 

It’s not free but available with premium plans for $7.99 This app is designed for note-making and is also considered a popular note-taking app. This will store notes and contact information very easily and quickly. This app has an individual Business Card Scanner app Camera for scanning which captures the information kept in the card such as name, company products, title, etc and you can easily contact through email, call, text with Evernote.

7. ABBYY Business Card Reader (Free):

 It’s free and available for android or iPhone users. It is best for multiple business scanning. This app scans with 25 languages. and backup data and export data in all your devices with an update. You can easily convert your business card into a digital business card with the help of ABBYY Business Reader. Those who worked for international companies with different languages so this app is the best for them.

8. CamCard (Free but paid plans available)

It is free but paid plans are also available. It is special to update and maintain the contact records. So you can find reminders in this app which will help you to find your contact easily and add notes for you to customize your Business Card.

9. Card HQ (Free)

 It’s free of cost and for Android and iPhone users. It is very easy to use and easy to scan which easily scans your contacts with text detection and it is considered straightforward.

10. SanSan(Free with custom paid plan)

It’s free but connecting to SanSan for a custom paid plan. If you are an entrepreneur or running a large company so SanSan is the best and useful app for you. This will allow you to store data each and also you can convert physical business cards into digital business cards as a business card scanner app. This app is available for teams and big organizations. You don’t need to access it anytime you just apply your fingers because of the touch screen app.

11. L-Card Pro( Free with a paid plan)

There is a free plan also available with a paid plan of $2.50/month. This is best for sharing and creating digital business cards if you are creating a new one. You can export physical business cards into digital business cards. You can also save your contacts into google, sync, etc. it’s for multiple scanning also.

12. Wantedly people(Free)

It’s free and this app is mainly for finding the people on your contact list. It is multiple scanning. It captures all the things such as text, images, and everything. Once your camera opens, start scanning and scanning all the information within a second. Wanted card scanner app stored everything at once.

13. Bizconnects (Free)

 Bizconnects is completely free and accurate and easy to use. It is built with many features and this is the only business card scanner app found easily on social media platforms that’s why it is considered an easy scanner app with multiple and branded features. It’s a slow app. After scanning, it stored all the data and export data into CRM.

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