What is Business Reorganization or Restructuring?

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Business reorganization or Business restructuring is a process of restoring or redesigning companies overall strategies, setup, and operations. This type of reorganizing required when a business is facing some financial issues and when the business requires some new types of structural change and when someone takeovers someone else business. It is not only about change in structure, strategy, operation. There is also a change in the taxation process of the business.  

When your business is in that state where nothing works like no strategy, no hard work, etc then you need to take that seriously because your business is facing some serious issue then you need to reorganize the business strategies, staff, operations, marketing strategies, selling strategies and so on. Sometimes restructuring the business strategies give you more fruit full result and very business efficiency will be increased with the help of this and you will able to reduce the burden of debt also. Before restructuring the business you need to think twice because sometimes it will give you bad results also. If you put less effort into restructuring then it will take you towards bankruptcy. Then this will be your end of the business and you lost your asset also.

Types of Business reorganization or Business restructuring

Basically Business reorganization or Business restructuring is categorized into 7 catogery, to know about all seven Business reorganization categories read all the bellow discussed points, bellow we discussed all types of reorganization or restructuring.

  • Mergers and Consolidations: Mergers and consolidations are based on the acquisition of business assets by another company.
  • Subsidiary: In this reorganization process, a company acquires another company’s stock, and the acquired company becomes a secondary of the acquiring corporation. The acquisition plan must for a short time period.
  • Liquidation: In this, the targeted corporation must liquidate to the acquisition plan, and target-corporation shareholders become shareholders in the acquiring company. 
  • Spinoffs, and Split-Offs: If Corporation A has the assets of Corporation B and of Corporation A, Corporation B goes to bankruptcy, and then the shareholders of Corporation B control Corporation A.
  • Recapitalization and Reconfiguration: A recapitalization transaction is a process where the exchange of stocks and securities for new stocks, securities, or both by a corporation’s shareholders. The main motive is to reconfigure the company’s capital structure.
  • Identity Change: These reorganization rules generally apply to a corporation that changes its name, the state where it does business, or if it makes changes in the company’s corporate charter, in this case, a transfer is deemed to occur from the prior corporation to the new company.
  • Transfer: These reorganizations are having bankruptcy by transferring all or some of a failing company’s assets to a new corporation. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Reorganization

Boosted profitsRisky Factor
Efficiency IncreasedDecreased employee morale
Business extensionConfused customers
Improved strategiesSignificant time investment
Financial arrangementSetbacks in cash flow

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