What is Gamification?

Business Knowledge

Gamification is a technique by which we can make our task interesting. It is not a game but it is a way in which we achieve our goals by making our work entertaining. Gamification contains:

  • Progress and learning
  • Plans
  • Competition
  • Success and goals
  • Motivation
  • Skills
  • Challenge
  • Personal development
  • Fresh idea
  • Team spirit
  • Positive psychology

Nowadays children think of making every task entertaining so that it does not get bored with them because their mentality is that as long as there is no fun at work, it will not be fun to do it too. They also make their daily activities interesting and smooth.

Gamification is a must in every work because it makes the work easy. It’s not that gamification is only beneficial for children, but gamification can also be used by elders in businesses, daily activities, studies, cooking and so on. In simple words, if you want to make your life interesting, so it must be little gamification.

Every work should be taken as a task whether it is small business or big. If we take work as a task then we work hard to achieve it, put techniques in it so that it can complete the task easily with entertainment and the job is to use gamification to make it entertainment.

Examples of Gamification

Make study enjoyable using gamification

If someone uses or brings it in his study, then he can definitely achieve studies related goals.

Both teacher and students can apply gamification in studies like: Teachers apply gamification elements to teach children like she/he can make chapters interesting by capturing in it.

For example: Teacher can say this to the children, if the students will score good marks they will get a reward. So that reward can be anything which children remain excited to achieve the goals so that reward becomes like greed for students and the teacher adds gamification in it.

Students apply gamification in studies like, for example, if students are finding a chapter boring, now they have been interested in it, so they can compete with their friends, who will read this chapter first and tell it. So, it becomes a task for the student and they give their full concentration and effort to do it. So this is known as gamification.

Advantages in studies

  • By using gamification, teachers are also easy to teach.
  • Students make studies enjoyable.
  • Students are able to achieve their tasks in an easy way.
  • Confidence and competition both increase between students

Make profitable business using gamification

Every business can also use it for business profits because business cannot run without technology. So it can be used here as well. Suppose you are a business

Owner and you want to attract employees towards work so you can tell them a plan that if the employee provides more contribution towards the company’s work and manages overtime effectively they will get extra wages plus increment and get higher chances of promotion. So this technique works as a gamification here.

Advantages in business

  • Using gamification, employees motivation and concentration will increase towards work.
  • Companies easily achieve 100% contribution from workers or employees.
  • Companies easily make business planning and achieve desired goals.
  • It helps in making of business divestiture.

Make more blogs interesting using gamification

If you are a content writer and you want to bring your blogs to 1st rank and increase clicks of your sites so you need to make that blog interesting by using gamification such as adding some entertaining games, puzzles, queries in between blogs so that users attract easily and reply and comment fast on your blogs.

Advantages in digital

  • Traffic on site will increase.
  • Users will get new and innovative, effective information regarding the product you provide.
  • The site will have a good impression in the search index like google, yahoo, bing and will generate revenue.

Playing games using gamification

Everyone likes to play games online and offline too because everyone likes work that has interest and more entertainment so everyone needs gaming in their life. Now let’s talk about the game. When you provide the game, it also has to become interesting due to gamification.

Most of the people like to play GTA vice city games on phones, laptop, computer so there are many types of rewards in the game that attract players and show the spirit of play. Rewards can be different in games elements such as points, currencies,achievement badges, labels, progress bar. When we play games, our focus is on winning these game elements.

Advantages in games

  • The spirit of achieving these game elements remains inside the players.
  • Ability to think increases.

These were some examples of gamification but we can use this in every activity to make it interesting, creative, effective, and attractive so that opposite people can attract easily and quickly.

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