How to Get KFC Franchise?

Business Idea

If you are planning to invest in the KFC franchise & want to How to Get KFC Franchise then this post is only for you here we discussed all. It will be a profitable investment and business for you. KFC has maintained its business and gained goodwill also. They are in the number one position in the food industry. 

KFC is not a new company in the food industry, they are serving us since 1932, and their franchise business program is started in 1952. 

 KFC Franchise

The main dish of KFC is fried chicken, which was made or invented by the owner Colonel Sanders. This is also the best-selling dish of KFC.  the full name of KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Nowadays KFC company is offering a business opportunity to open a franchise with their brand name. if you planning to open the KFC franchise then you need to get permission from the company to use the brand to expand your business. 

Things that you need to know get KFC Franchise?

Requirement of KFC Franchise 

  • Eligibility Criteria: Before opening the KFC franchise outlet company needs certain types of certificates and you need to qualify the eligibility criteria of the company then only you will get permission to open the franchise.
  • Strong Finance Background: If you want to open the franchise then you should be having 5 million$ of assets which can be converted into cash when required and your net worth will be in 10 million $. If you are having such amount and assets then only you will get the franchise agreement and this ratio will be more or less according to the franchise outlet size.
  • Experience If you are having experience in the field of the restaurant and hotel industry and you have ever worked with the KFC then will able to get the agreement. Also, those can get the franchise agreement whose profile looks good and having similar to KFC background.
  • Reputation: If you are having a strong reputation in the market and banks that means you are not bankrupt. This reputation helps us to know that you have not taken any type of loan from the bank.KFC won’t give franchises to those peoples who take loans from the bank. All types of verification will be done by KFC like business background, criminal background, etc. they will check your credit scores and the bank also, in future if money required then you will get the loan.
  • Commitment towards business: KFC is a big and world-famous company. They only work with those people who give commitments to business for a long duration. They also provide guidance to franchise owners on how do they work and how much they required from them.  
How to Get KFC Franchise

What kind of place do you need to set up a KFC Franchise?

KFC is known as a brand that needs a quality place so that its popularity increases, not declines. If the person is thinking of taking a franchise, his first plan is to focus on land, arrangement of land, or invest on land is must to build a KFC franchise business. The place that is required for building a KFC franchise must be a registered secure place authorized by the government so that the owner can’t face issues in the future and also the KFC surveys the business details so that they can know about the place where the owners are establishing the KFC franchise business.

They confirm through the survey whether the owners are mentally and financially prepared or not, and will be able to run it without facing a financial crisis. They do so much investigation because they are giving authority of their brand to someone else to make profits for their shareholders and KFC owners, they can’t take the risk of declining the goodwill of KFC.

Land and Location requirement

The area must be 1000 to 1500 sq. to build a KFC franchise business and the quality area where crowds should be all the time like on main roads, and like shopping malls, theaters, restaurants, offices, is required by the KFC brand owners. 

The Location should be a hygienic and eco-friendly environment where customers feel safe and hygienic and prefer to come more. So in the process of getting a KFC franchise, the location and the land are the initial steps to build a KFC food restaurant, and then the other legal procedure is on.

  • This document contains all the required information like:
  • Ask for the legal documents of location or business place for verification
  • Name of the person and other financial details who are getting the KFC franchise
  • Identity proof is required in the form of a pan card, voter card, and aadhaar card if he/she is an Indian and contact details.

How much capital is required to start a KFC Franchise?

You have to first set your cost or expenses or we can say that investment is required in KFC franchise, around 5,00,000 dollars to 10,00,000 dollars are required to build a KFC food restaurant in which more than half of the amount is invested to get a legal franchise and rest of the amount is invested to get food KFC items that have been fixed by the KFC. 

Then, you may need to pay some additional fees like franchise fees after 2 to 3 years for continuity of the authority of the franchise and other general costs like:

  • Land and building rent
  • Maintenance cost of the place
  • Equipment cost
  • Furniture cost
  • Lightening cost
  • Marketing research cost
  • Business plans cost 
  • Lisence cost
  • Tax cost
  • Employees training cost

Some procedures which you have to follow to set up your KFC franchise business near your local area or location for people so that they can also take out a benefit and enjoyment from KFC by eating items and full service offered by the KFC company. 

By the way, franchises of KFC have been opened in many countries and every branch provides the same service with the same quality along with the same budget due to similar companies and brands. Every person needs equal capital for investment to buy a KFC franchise. 

What are the Special Qualities of the KFC franchise?

Every business has special qualities but now we are talking about acquiring the KFC franchise and its qualities if you want to set up in your local areas. To start a franchise is a big deal and big project due to lengthy legal procedure but still, if you set your mind to start this, so it will works because its established popularity in the world, you don’t need to consume your extra time to make an image in the first and don’t spend time to promote your franchise through advertisement.

Some special qualities involve in this business are:

  • KFC is already a brand that ranks in the no.2 position in the food industry in the world.
  • Chosen items are provided here such as fried chicken, veg twisters, potato crispy burger, veg snacker, paneer zinger burger, rice bowl, hamburgers, crushers, chili cheese fries, and so on. The place is for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people.
  • Don’t need to spend marketing and advertising expenses.
  • KFC franchise is a brand business in which you don’t need to invite customers to come and taste your service, customers will come without any invitation because of a known brand.
  • It has spread all over the world due to multiple established franchises in different states, cities, and countries.
  • Customers get support from KFC’s supporting line (customer service) through chats, email, as well as calls, and also offers home services to their clients for their satisfaction.
  • KFC provides their membership to their business clients so that they can deal as a customer for giving orders and a business client for taking a franchise. 
  • KFC has its official website where people come and connect with them for services and know about the procedure to get a franchisee and a lot of other criteria.
  • As a business owner, if you think about getting a KFC Franchise, it’s sure that you will get a positive outcome in a short time.
  • After taking the franchise, you can earn a handsome income within less time so a franchise food business can be a good option.
  • KFC is a platform where you can enjoy your best quality meal and the best chance to get a special service after becoming a permanent customer.

How franchise business can be a good option?

  • A Franchise business can be a good option whether you take any kind of product franchise because it helps you to earn a double or triple profit in your business and save marketing and promotion costs. If you are taking a food franchise like KFC so definitely you can take all the benefits offered by the KFC brand owners as well as you don’t need to decide on food items because KFC company offers food items as well as their price list and that is the final list for all customers.
  • The second reason to adopt a franchise, you don’t need to invest capital in the promotion and don’t need to spend on advertisements or we can say that due to franchise, avoid competitors and advertisement.
  • From Time to Time, you will get updates without using your mind, you just follow the steps provided by the KFC Company.
  • Your business has become a brandable business in which you don’t need to put effort into marketing, promotion, and advertisement.
  • You don’t need to make your own legal rules such as price list, service provided, items list, offer list, and others, it is listed by KFC company.
  • You just set up your business with land and such expenses and require some capital for investment on basic things such as food items for buying, and pay regular fees of the franchise after 2 to 3 years of getting a franchise.
  • Its demand has increased from the USA, The First KFC restaurant was established in the USA and then its popularity has been increased and its branch has been opened in other countries due to its quality service.
  • Every item has a trademark for identification and is one of the most successful franchise businesses in the world, also considered as a profitable franchise business that is increasing their business chains through networking, that’s why it can be a good option to be a part of this KFC as a franchisor.

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