How to Set up an Online Ordering System for a Restaurant?

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According to the current situation, we should learn that we have to run with the digital trends whether it is easy or not. Moving through the digital world and surviving in the digital world is better growth in itself so that we can become familiar with growing technology such as the online ordering system for a restaurant. The system of online ordering from home is exploding day by day, especially during these pandemic days because many people take advantage of online ordering systems to satisfy their cravings. 

Restaurant owners offer many kinds of facilities to their users daily but the online ordering facility is one of the most advantageous for people who love restaurant food. We are not saying that we should eat restaurant food daily only because of adopting technology, no it’s not we are just trying to meet with digital trends through which we can become an independent survival in an independent world

This online ordering system is useful in many situations and those situations can be anyone in which we are stuck. Sometimes a situation comes when we are busy doing work outside and we can’t make food so this is the only option by which we can give order with just a single click and many more situations occur.

The aim of writing this article is to provide the importance of an online ordering system for a restaurant and how we can acquire this system for quick development and meet our necessity.

Understand the concept of Online Ordering System for a restaurant

Online Ordering System is a system that offers technical service by receiving food orders from people through an online ordering software, and business web page and accepting digital payments With this system, people don’t need to go outside for lunch, dinner, or breakfast, they can easily place an order from home from android phones, iPads, Desktops, and Laptops. If we acquire this technology, it is a smooth process in which we never face any obstacles.

Suppose, we are running our own restaurant and now we are deciding to provide digital services to the customers so we need to adopt some ways by which we can develop fast and get better growth, such ways are: website creation, connecting with third parties with POS to get more orders in a day.

In this process, customers need to look into a menu provided by the different restaurants and cafes on the web page for placing an order. After placing an order, customers don’t need to pay instantly, they can make digital payment or COD at the time of receiving the order because COD services are available in online ordering software.

Advantages of the online ordering system

As we know, digital restaurant services are exploring day by day and no doubt it contains many advantages due to reasonable service.

For restaurant owners

Chances to get more customers

As a restaurant owner, we can get more customers with the help of online ordering apps and online ordering apps with POS systems. Through online ordering apps, we can collect more new customers and give offers to existing digital customers.

Reach our restaurants business to the next level

We can reach our business at the biggest level so that we can get high payment orders and be able to develop multiple branches all over the country. If we have a big level of business, we can get orders from big entrepreneurs for catering systems for their weddings and other events.

Multiple locations

Once we set up a digital restaurant business with such online ordering apps so we can start providing digital services to multiple locations by opening several branches of business.

A Low rush of customers

Through online ordering apps, we never face any kind of rush in restaurants by which there is less chance of spreading disease such as corona. It helps to reduce customer noise rush and physical rush.

Customize our business with multiple methods

Customize our business website through logo, brand products by using its features.

Customize our business with more interaction with customers on digital platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram in which we can place advertisements so that it can attract customers more and they want to visit through advertisements link.

The other way to interact with customers is through customer chat. Through customer chat, they can get more desirable information about the restaurant’s offerable services so this is also the best reasonable way to expand our business.

For a customers

Several options to choose

In the digital world, customers get multiple options from where they can choose one of the best restaurant service providers. Through online ordering apps, customers can find the best restaurant whose ratings and reviews are better than others, and who have unique items on its menu.

Saves time and Cost

Customers can get reasonable service through online ordering apps from home, it saves transportation cost and time. With online ordering software, we can place orders from anywhere by just following some steps.

Enjoy multiple payment mode services

After placing an order, customers can make payments through multiple modes such as digital payments, COD, credit cards. They can choose payment mode at the time of placing food order because every app accepts a unique method of payment service.

Steps to create an online ordering system for a restaurant

The method to acquire this system is easy to understand if we come to be involved in it. As a restaurant owner, we have to do a lot of things before creating an online ordering system such as connect with online restaurant software so that we can provide the same service, accomplish some formalities, build a website with an email address, contact number, official address of restaurants so that people can choose the restaurant from where they want to place an order.

There are such kinds of way where we can start an online ordering system as a restaurant owner such as:

  • Build a Business website
  • Connect with online ordering apps
  • Third parties apps with POS system 

Create a business account on business websites

To explore restaurant business so we can build a web page on a business website so that daily visitors can visit on their page and become familiar with that for taking services. Creating a page is a simple process that requires your contact information such as email address, contact number, name, and business information such as a business address, web page, business description, and title.

Benefits from business websites

  • After creating an account, we can update daily thoughts regarding restaurant business such as a variety of items, price, quantity, quality.
  • We can add pictures, videos, or item descriptions so that viewers can be attracted to our items and want to give orders for trying our food taste.
  • Due to this, we can get more benefits such as the chance to get big orders from big companies for events, parties and get orders for a catering system for wedding or ceremony functions.

Build our own website on WordPress

We can build our business website on different web pages such as WordPress and Google.

WordPress is a free website builder on which we can create our business website smoothly. We can add articles in which we can define our business services and items, add pictures that show the quality of the business, or by which visitors attract most and show interest towards our services. 

Steps to create a business website on WordPress

  • First, we have to choose a “domain name” for our site so that our website will be known by that name.
  • Now, install WordPress by downloading Bluehost after paying for it.
  • We will find some varieties of plugins where we can choose the best of our website after pay for it.
  • Now, we can work on our website for our business.

Benefits of WordPress

  • It offers free web services in which we don’t require web designers to develop our website.
  • With developers, we can get new developing ideas for site implementation.
  • WordPress shows the site’s performance by comparing our site with other sites.
  • It shows error pages so that we can fit them as soon as possible.
  • It is a suitable web where we can create our business site for free.

Online ordering system with third parties apps

This is the most trending way to explore restaurant business by interacting with online ordering apps such as:

  • DoorDash
  • MenuDrive
  • EatSure
  • Eat24
  • Grubhub
  • Comeneat
  • Dunzo
  • BOCB
  • Deliveroo
  • Uber Eats
  • Pesito
  • UnboxRTN
  • Carriage
  • Foodiyoo
  • APeats
  • Znack
  • Eat Mubarak
  • RedFox
  • Cstar Food
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • BitesBee
  • iMenu
  • KFC 

If we think we can’t handle online orders with our team, we can take support from third parties apps for handling orders, receiving orders from customers through apps. After receiving the order, pass the order to the restaurant and then they will be responsible for sending the order to the customer. 

The role of third parties is to receive the order from customers with complete information such as contact number, email address, delivery address, and place so that they can pass this information to the restaurant team. And in between all these things, the third parties take out their commission at the time of taking payments from customers.

This helps the restaurant team to fulfill the orders quickly and provide service to the customers at a given time.

Third parties apps with POS

POS are available on both sides (restaurant team and third parties), when third parties take orders from customers so the order transaction automatically updates into POS, and when they pass the order to the restaurant so restaurant POS automatically fetches the order. It happens because both parties POS are connected. Without updated POS, we have to enter all the information into POS software.

7 Best online ordering software or system for restaurant of 2022

1. DoorDash

DoorDash is a food online ordering software that is designed in the United States. It is considered as the largest food delivery service and famous for offering the best items. It is a public food corporation that provides services in the united country. It was founded in 2013 and headquartered in California. It takes out revenue of around $886 billion.

2. Grubhub

Grubhub is a food online website that is running on mobile. It was founded in 2004 but it an American website headquartered in Chicago, US, and its subsidiary is taken by Just Eat. It takes out revenue of around $31 billion.

3. Uber Eats

UberEats provides online ordering food which was launched in 2014. It is a platform where users can use on any device such as android, iOS Who provides services in 32 countries. It is known by the name of the website – It takes out revenue of around $2.51 billion.

4. Postmates

Postmates is an American-based food online ordering company that has a food website by the name of It offers meals as well as goods to the customers in a limited area. It takes out revenue of around $1 billion

5. MenuDrive

MenuDrive is an ordering food app that has simple features and functions and who are running their website to interact with customers by using marketing tools. It always gets positive feedback from customers through reviews and ratings that improve the company’s goodwill. It takes out revenue of around 6.2 billion and works with more than 90 countries.

6. iMenu

iMenu is a complete online ordering app that has spread all over the countries through mobiles. It provides faster service than ever food apps. It takes out revenue of around $ 21.17 billion which has 30% higher ticket sizes. It explores advanced technology by providing customers.

7. Seamless

Seamless is a food industry which is known by the name of website It was founded in December and headquartered in New york. Just Eat is the owner of seamless. It offers services to the citizens of New York but works with more than 50 countries.

With all these apps, we can satisfy the customers by providing home delivery facilities so that customers save their time and efforts to go out to the restaurant to receive an order. So if we want to run our restaurant business on a digital platform we have to adopt these online ordering apps which is beneficial for both parties.