How To Start A Food Business At Home

Business Idea

If you are thinking to start a food business at home and interested in turning your hobby into a business. Then you are at the right place, we will help you to start the business from home. You just need to read this blog and we brief you on every point to start the business.

To start a home business requires a lot of planning and research and also you need to take permits, marketing strategies, etc. things before starting the business.  

  • Start a food business 

Most people prefer to have homemade food. Also, they like it if they bought it from hotels and restaurants. So the homemade food business is having a lot of demand and potential for success. India has a high population and where a lot of people live far away from home, such people will be happy if we serve homemade food to them.  It will be very beneficial also if you operate your business from home and there are chances also if you minimize the cost of the food. Because most office-going people and students who stay away from home will love to eat home-cooked meals. If you arrange an efficient delivery system, then it will be profitable for you. You can also deal with travel agents who deliver your order and also you can open some small sitting places where people can get hot and fresh food.  

  • Licenses, Permit, and Registration

Before making sales you need to require some permits and licenses and also you need a certification from the FASSI. Also, an inspection will be done by food authorities about the quality of food and all the safety standards. This is the list of permits and registration which you require to start a food business at home:

  1. Shop and Establishment Act License: this type of license is required in few states,. if you want to start the mess services at home then you need to have this license.
  2. FSSAI: This license is mandatory from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.. This license depends on the nature and size of your business. If you want a basic license then you require a small setup
  3. GST: If your revenue is more than the annual registration income, then you need to register your GST. when the registration is done and you get the GST PIN then you have to file all your returns on time.
  4. Trade License: all Businesses require this trade license  because you planned to start a cloud kitchen concept. Then you need this trade license. this license you will get from the local municipal office.
  5. Fire and Safety License: Since you will be working with fire, it is also required to have a clearance certificate from the Fire Department.
  6. NOC: No objection Certificate. This certificate you required from the Food and health department.
  7. Trademark Registration: If you want to maintain your brand identity, then you need to have trademark registration where your brand name and logo will be registered. 
  8. Signage License: if you plan to promote the business, then you need this license. this license you will get from the local municipal corporation.
  9. Eating House license: if you are planning to start a mess and restaurant where people will gather and eat together, then you require this license. You will get this license from the State Police Commissioner.
  10. Environment Clearance: Also you need an EC Certificate from the State Pollution Control Board.

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