What is Affiliate Marketing and Steps to Start

Business Idea

In this pandemic time, it is really very difficult to earn money as an individual, and as a company, it’s difficult to grow. Where companies are firing employees and some are shutting down. The only digital platform is the way where you can earn money and grow yourself as an individual and company. After hearing the word digital what comes to your mind that is Affiliate Marketing. In this blog, we will discuss what is Affiliate Market, how it works, and its steps to start the affiliate marketing business.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process in which you promote companies and people’s products. In affiliate marketing, you will get a commission whenever someone clicks on the affiliate link. Whenever your affiliate link is clicked and there is some transaction happened then the company whose product you are promoting will reward you. With the help of an affiliate, you will work as a salesperson of the company. The only difference is in an affiliate salesperson and a typical salesperson is that you can work under as many companies as you can but a typical salesperson can work under only a single company. As much as you will promote companies product and every time you will get the commission.

Working of Affiliate Marketing

The working of Affiliate Marketing depends on three different parties. This process involves a number of individual abilities and effective marketing strategy and what profit they get will be distributed among all. Involvement of different Parties are:

  1. Seller (Owner of Product)
  2. Advertiser ( Affiliate)
  3. Consumer (purchaser)
Affiliate marketing working

You can track the affiliate traffic with the help of cookies. Whenever the link is clicked or pressed a small file is created which is called cookies. These cookie files are stored in the buyer’s computer or where the link is clicked on that computer. With help of cookies, the seller can recognize you.

Steps to Start the Affiliate Marketing

Choose the Platform

If you are a social influencer then you can easily do an affiliate marketing of the product. Instagram, youtube is a good platform for promoting the product. If you are a good writer then you are writing blogs are about products because blog platforms are very cheap and easy to understand. Just you need to optimize the things and then your sites will be on top.

Choose your Category

You need to choose the right category for your product. No need to add adjectives with your category, make it short, simple, and easy. It will help you to target a particular set of audiences.

Choose affiliate program to join

There are some types of affiliate programs that need to join. It depends on you what type of program you choose and join.

  1. If you choose a High-paying cost program and having a low volume of affiliate programs. Then it will reach to less audience.
  2. If you choose a  Low-paying cost program and have a high volume of affiliate programs. Then it will target a large audience.
  3. If you choose a High-paying cost program and which has a high volume of affiliate programs. Then it will reach a large group of audiences.

It fully depends on you and the expertise which type of programs you need to choose and accordingly to your category. If you are writing an information technology blog and you have chosen a sports category, then you will not able to rank your site or page you have to choose the wrong category. Right optimization and expertise vision are very important to rank the site.

Create Great Content

If you want to rank your site then you need to write high-quality content and analysis the content properly. If your content is not optimized and having duplicate content then it will damage your goodwill and you will be lost your ranking also.

Bring the Traffic on Affiliate Site

If you are confident about your writing skills, then your next and most important step is to bring traffic to your site. You need to strategize the traffic whether it will be paid traffic, will be search engine optimized traffic and it will be emailed listing traffic. 

Get clicks on your affiliate links

If your site content is perfect and highly optimized it does not mean you will get the click. The placement of the links also affects the marketing. If your link is at the side nobody can see you, then you will not get the click. Few things need to be considered while getting the clicks

  1. Link placement
  2. Context
  3. callouts

Convert clicks to sales

Now the last step of affiliate marketing is how to convert the click into sales. If the sale is there then only you will get the commission. You need to redirect the click to the product page and then convenience the customer or attract the customer so it will purchase your product.

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