How to write a performance appraisal?

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There comes a time when the company has to give an overview of its entire year about its staff regarding their performance so for that, the company has to write a performance appraisal. 

To write a performance appraisal, not an easy task but not difficult either. Therefore, the company writes it with patience, confidence, impartiality, and this performance report directly impacts the HR department of the company so while preparing this performance appraisal, the company’s seniors need to keep an eye on company’s movement, functions, behavior towards each other to get an effective and valuable result.

Every organization has to make this report and the people who produce it are the seniors of the company such as supervisors, managers, executives which prepare together with their own expressions, thoughts, ideas, creativity, experience and then this performance report is prepared at the end of the year. It is not prepared in a hurry because the first, seniors have to analyze the company’s move in every step or judge all the employees with their activities.

If seen, this performance appraisal represents the working status of the employees who have been working for an organization. Small companies also contain 1-100 employees, it becomes difficult to make their report because when it is difficult to judge the work of a single person, then think how difficult it must have been to judge more than 100 employees first, focus on their work, and then prepare the report. If it is said in simple language, then it cannot be taken for granted.

Why does a company take and give feedback to write a performance appraisal?

This is the most valuable question that generally everyone can ask because many don’t know about a performance appraisal, but don’t worry who don’t know about this, they can read this blog and I hope this blog will surely clear confusions and doubts within a minute. And they will also know why feedback is so important.

So come to the point, feedback is necessary in every organization whether it is small , medium or big to write or prepare a performance appraisal because it helps to evaluate and calculate the human resource activities in the company. As we said, this report shows the performance of the employees, how quickly employees give the company to generate revenue and positive output. It’s not that the seniors are only able to prepare a report of all the employees together but even they mention the performance of each employee in a single report, from where management identifies the “best employee of the year”.

Feedback is not necessary to be related to performance, it can also get related to the company, staff. By the way, company’s feedback is usually related to the running activities which almost done by the employees and what employees do – 

  • Help the company to meet its desired goal by giving 100% input.
  • Help the company to meet its requirements.
  • Help the company to generate revenue by doing more sales.
  • Help the company to make constant or increase the level of performance by focusing on major activities.
  • Coordination with other staff members by investing so much potential power.
  • Make a better Coordination with every department such as production, sales, HR.

If the company takes feedback from employees, they already know about the employees thoughts, intentions, thinking capability after analyzing them with their regular activities. Feedback is the way to interact with employees, get to know about the company’s value, importance for them and how cooperative they are with other employees.

Feedback is also the most crucial part in making a report because if a company wants to take a feedback so they also give some feedback to the employees regarding company’s current or previous status or value so that employees can also provide their point regarding improvement in performance for upcoming years. This helps the company’s management to know about the thinking capacity of the employees. You can use the best recruiting software.

What performance report describes?

Performance appraisal describes the employees performance which they give to the company throughout the year. And whereby the company achieves its goals and gets the major output.

In this performance appraisal, seniors represent the work of each employee dignity, strength, capability, honesty, patience level, capacity to do work  in such a way that the management can arrive at a result without any hindrance.

There is another reason for writing performance appraisal so that they can show to the employees where they lie or stand in the company with their performance level.  Their motives do not have to degrade but they have to show their position, status, so that they can improve it for future goals. Every year the company’s performance appraisal reports are not the same because:

  • Sometimes companies achieve high revenue and sometimes low.
  • Employment decreases or increases due to which larger impact on the company.
  • Sales sometimes do more or less.
  • And other reasons.

Process to write a performance appraisal

To write a performance appraisal is the heavy task for professionals who usually do this task in a yearly, quarterly, or monthly. They have to analyze many things and keep them in mind before writing that helps them to make the report successful.

  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Strengthness
  • Patience
  • Accessibilityṣ
  • Comparatively
  • Impartiality
  • Supervision
  • Interactive
  • Friendly and professionally

And there are some performance appraisal methods without doing any mistakes or errors.

                   Analyze the performance


      Represent the activities of each employee with patience, accuracy, politely, Accountability, impartiality, confidence, correctability.    


                   Coordinate with other seniors


                     Attach archived tasks


                     Attach employees data

Analyze the performance

Company needs to measure the employees performance in every department by feedback because to anlyze the performance should be the first priority to write a performance appraisal and after moving with other steps.

Represent the activities of each employee

To write a performance appraisal on the company’s software to secure and safe, it represents the activities of each employee with daily activities even seniors make a chart or pie chart, bargraph which shows the employees working hours with achieved goals.

Patience: Writers must have some patience when they write a performance appraisal report for representing a company’s human resource status.

Accuracy: Seniors must have accuracy in their work report because it shows the reliability of the employees towards work.

Politely: Seniors must have some politeness when they write a performance appraisal because as we said, it’s not a hurry process, it should be patience. If seniors will slowly write a performance appraisal, the more reports will be effective.

Impartially: Seniors can’t be partial between employees because management  identifies with the previous report, so always be impartial. 

Accountability: Every company’s work contains accountability and this is the most complex function in every department because without accurate accountability, misunderstanding will create or create errors. Seniors show their performance in the form of accounting by using accounting software.

Confidence: Seniors must have some confidence when they prepare a performance report because confidence is the first way to create work easily.

Correctability: Correctability in a performance report is the must to show without any grammatically obstacles.

Coordinate with seniors

It is necessary to coordinate with other seniors such as managers, executives, supervisors, owners for taking some advice about creativity, improvements with simplicity.

Attach archived tasks 

Seniors need to attach tasks which achieved by employees in each year because this will increase their geting chances of rewards in the form of bonus, gifts, salary, and promotion.

Attach employees data

Seniors need to update data such as salary, tasks, working hours, etc. in a performance appraisal report so that management can easily become familiar with that.

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