What is Master Scheduling?

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Want to know What is Master Scheduling? then read this post & understand all, Master Scheduling refers to the time which is acquired to finish the production of goods. It also specifies how much time it will take to finish a certain amount and type of product production. The manufacturing department works according to the master scheduling. It is the backbone of the manufacturing team where time management, production of the products, its quality, and delivery are the main factors. 

Mostly master schedule is done on paper where each and every detail of the production unit written like what type of production is going to happen, what will be the ratio and how units need to produce and what will be the delivery time. With the help of this document, you will able to give a commitment to the customer about their order.

What type of steps come under master scheduling in documentation

  • How much order you received from the customer or we can say demand of the customer.
  • What type of raw material you required for the production
  • From where you get the raw material or your supply chain of the raw materials. And who will be your supplier?
  • Now how your production process will run
  • Now analyze your master scheduling plan
  • Roughly calculate the planning technique which you are going to use for production
  • If everything goes well then give the proposal to the customer about the services, resources are going to get.

Once your master scheduling plan is implemented in the manufacturing department then, every member of the manufacturing unit will be on the floor and is clear to everyone what type and in what quantity will be produced each day and each week. you need to ensure that every person will work according to your master schedule plan. The master scheduler plan depends on the demand and the supply of the product. When the demand is high you need to increase the production and when the demand is less than decrease the production of the products. 

Main Objective of the Master Scheduling

  • You will able to achieve the target according to the customer satisfaction level. 
  • There will be proper utilization of the company resources.
  • There will be an appropriate level of inventory investment.

Pros of Master Scheduling

  • Planning: Master scheduling helps to analyze and optimize the demand for the product by planning. Planning gives you more efficiency and understands in the production process.
  • Set the level: If your scheduling is there then to can set the inventory level of the production according to the customer desire
  • Advance requirement: When the production unit is busy in the production process, while another department can check the requirement of the unit in advance and fulfill the requirements in advance.
  • No limited stock: While doing the planning process, every need for the raw material will be taken care of and the order of the raw material will be done in advance. So there will be no shortage of materials.
  • Labor Cost: With the planning process, you can estimate the labor cost, which to required at the time of the production process.
  • Maintenance: A production process is not a single-day process, while a the time of production you need to do some maintenance also. That maintenance cost and how the stock will be maintained can be analyzed
  • Cash Flow: In the master scheduling plan financial department also helps you by using its documents they can arrange cash for you while requires at the time of production.

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