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If you are thinking that you want to start your business on social media sites, So it is the right choice to expand your business fast and connect more and more with the entrepreneurs, investors, customers, this is also called business networking. According to me, everyone is familiar with social sites and everyone knows what service they give us and what we can do with them. Everyone has different reasons to use them like:

Someone uses them for personal entertainment like gaming, shopping, creativity, and other activities.

  • Someone used for improving social knowledge.
  • Someone used for interacting and communicating with others.
  • Someone also used to give suggestions related to business, personal, social etc.
  • Some People also use social media sites for business.

It comes to know that social media sites are very good for entertaining purposes but the question is that, Is it also equally good for business startup? There are many kinds of social media sites available on the internet but our main motive is what are the best social media sites for business. If we start business on social media platforms so we need some money to invest, do some blogging, build your ideas with the latest technologies and make our site very attractive, unique so that customers and competitors easily attract and show their interest towards our business.

How much social platforms are beneficial for business?

Many people ask the same question and there is always one answer that social media sites is really competitive place where many people set up their business and do a lot of activities to make them successful like blogging, post photos or videos, generate innovative ideas and update information related to their products or services so that we can easily expand our business by generating sales, new leads. It is also known as online business. Every business is known by its name, products, its related information given by admin. If we are thinking that we don’t need to worry that once you set up the business, that’s not all we have to update all the information from blogging to posting.

Top Social Media Sites for Business


Facebook is the oldest social platform and count as No.1 platform among all social sites where everyone can interact and communicate with different peoples of different caste, religion and know more about them. Facebook has lot of features with latest versions

  1. Post photos, videos on timeline: To promote business, you can post photos or videos related to business products or services and tell people what kind of services your business provides. No matter how much your business is made of branded things like name, product etc. facebook will be made No.1 only when you use it properly for growth.
  2. Chats on facebook messenger: You can collaborate with others by doing chats on facebook messenger to explore your business ideas. It is also a part of facebook and considered as No.2 position of social media sites for business, you just download this application separate from facebook and continuously chats with friends, people and other commercial friends. It consists of several features. 
  3. Group chats or video calls: If you have a business on facebook and you want to start a meeting with a lot of people so you can make a group video call.


It is also considered as the No.1 social media platform with billions of users. It is like Facebook but it has some other unique features as much more than Facebook. With the Instagram features, you can expand your business with stories, and photos so that customers attract easily you towards your Instagram business account. You can find videos related to your business and make some more blogs related to your products. If you don’t have an Instagram presence for your brand yet, you should work with one of the top Chicago social media marketing agencies to create one.

You can find videos related to your business and make some more blogs related to your products. If you don’t have an Instagram presence for your brand yet, you should work with one of the top Chicago social media marketing agencies to create one. And better get help from an Instagram growth service such as flock social, stimsocial, and Kicksta to help you get more organic followers. However, Kicksta is the most recommended as Kicksta will automatically engage and interact with the followers of the target accounts that you listed.


Twitter is one of the most social platforms where most of the people post related to the profession, logical thoughts, ideas. This platform is also like facebook, instagram but little bit different. You can find jobs here and provide jobs also you can get the latest notification about each and every profession. Everyone tweets on this with photos, videos, stories and reaches their information towards people all over the world.


Linkedin is also quite similar to twitter because it has also provided job notification whether it is for government or private jobs. You can also add photos or videos in this. Find colleagues or employees from here for company. It is the best services providing platform.


No one can forget this social platform because nowadays people are becoming You-tuber who show talent with creativity  on their own You-tube account. 

Different types of channels have been opened on You-tube  such as:

  1. Food channel
  2. Dance channel
  3. Cloths channel
  4. Blogging
  5. Education
  6. Art channel
  7. Music channel

All these activities are part of business so if you want to become a You-tuber so first you have to make an official account and start creating videos related to your business products. This is the easiest way to promote your business between peoples and attract customers toward your product or services. These social media sites are made for doing small business.

There are many other social media sites such as Pinterest, Tik tok, Medium, Folk, Mix, and so on where we can set up an online business but these were some platforms where people like to interact more. For social media, you can create attractive images with free photo editing programs or tools, attractive images will improve user engagement.

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