What is ATM Skimming

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ATM skimming is theft of debit or credit card money through skimmer techniques that have commonly happened by scanning debit or credit card PINs . Skimmers are of different types that are used to perform skimming by secretly or by hiding from the owner of the ATM cardholder so that they cannot be familiar with all these fraud activities. 

Different ways to perform ATM Skimming

  • Through pinhole cameras or wireless cameras which are hidden somewhere (on ATMs) for scanning pin ID while entering by the card owner.
  • Use of a duplicate card reader where an ATM card is slotted for scanning.
  • Use of Plastic lamination over the keyword for taking fingerprints while entering pin ID number.
  • Use a magnetic stripe on the debit card or credit card to download your account details.

What do ATM Skimming Devices look like?

ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine, a thin different coloured-body that cannot be visible easily due to being hidden in shimmers. It is a technical device that is made up of multiple tools, contains:


With the help of a camera, hackers can track all the information, capture all the required data such as PINs, account numbers for misuse. These kinds of cameras are hidden by the hackers at a secret ATM where the issuer can’t even recognize any small camera. Hacker’s camera is specially designed by the hackers specialist who knows what should be the size of the camera, GB of the camera, capacity to load long time data. These cameras are tiny in size which have no bright colors and are fitted in small holes so that they cannot be captured.


A Scanner device is an electronic device that scans all the data immediately into the camera so that hackers can download easily and start misuse like takeout money from the issuers, online shopping through an issuer payment card, and stealing money from the issuer bank account to his bank account. They don’t even let any evidence so that the issuer can make an immediate call to the bank customer executive to survey the machine, then the bank will register your complaint and start working on it for 7 to 12 days.

Card reader 

The criminal who’s known as hackers, record all the needed details through skimmers such as camera, magnetic strip, fake card reader and download all the information from the camera into a safety device so that they can use it for online transactions, steal money, and much more. They help to detect all account information without the knowledge of ATM users.

Are people familiar with ATM skimming?

Most people don’t know about ATM Skimming due to a lack of knowledge. But don’t worry we will provide all the details by which you will get to know what ATM Skimming is. To become familiar with these ATM skimming, you should have knowledge about skimming devices or signs so that you can also be able to find out these skimming devices to be aware of these fraud activities or can be fooled in front of anyone. 

How should you deal with ATM skimming devices?

  • If you come to know that any skimming device is installed in the ATM then you should immediately call the “European card fraud protection council” so that he/she can take immediate action before inserting the card into the ATM. 
  • If you do not recognize the skimming device but you feel that the issuer that came before you was wrong tampering with an ATM so you can immediately call a bank or financial institutions officer.
  • Don’t insert your card if you find any skimming device, otherwise, your credit card or debit card PIN ID can be leaked.
  • To prevent these malfunctioning activities, you have to be aware of the time of using an ATM.
  • Don’t leak your bank and credit/debit card information to any strangers.
  • Don’t insert your ATM and enter your PIN ID in front of strangers.
  • Always enter your PIN ID by covering the ATM keypad with your hand so that your details can’t be captured in-camera because hackers also slot cameras inside ATM without knowing the issuers and hide their faces from the camera by wearing hats, goggles, and Stalls.
  • Don’t rush or ignore

How to protect from ATM Skimming?

An ATM card is also known as a debit card which is used to borrow money from automated teller machines and also pass to each transaction so that you can record it. These ATMs are found in many places such as Malls, Markets, Schools, Colleges, Departmental stores, gas stations, and many more places. ATMs are very beneficial but also have some misuse that is used by hackers or criminals who used to generate illegal copies of these payment cards to scan important details of issuer debit cards such as PINs and security codes.

If you really want to protect yourself from these fraud activities, you have to be alert and should get some knowledge regarding skimming activities that saves your debit or credit information. After knowing the meaning of skimming, you have to know how you should prevent ATM skimming without making a fool of yourself.

Cover ATM keypad with your hands 

Always hide the ATM keypad while entering the Pin ID code so that hackers can’t hack and capture any important details through a camera.

Avoid keyloggers

Hackers use keyloggers to record PIN codes when you enter the PIN on the keyboard due to placed carbon so that your PINs can be traced, so don’t press keys. In case, if you notice this thing later you should stop the process in mid and immediately report it to the bank for misuse so that you can take help from them to get outside from the ATM or stop making unauthorized transactions.

Don’t be panic

Always be calm, don’t panic if you don’t want to fall victim to skimming activities. Just contact the payment card fraud council for reporting complaints to take immediate action to get your payment card outside from the ATM.

Get knowledge from Bank in advance

The Bank provides education services along with technology to be aware of these risks as well as unauthorized transactions or ATM skimmers. At the time of issuing a payment card, the bank also guides you with some security policies that help you to prevent fraud payment card cases. They also offer special service of protection standards which are used for stopping an unauthorized transaction. These standards have some policies like regular check ATMs to find insecure things like skimming devices, Generate security code to protect networks and data. 

Through this article, you can get more knowledge about ATM Skimming and you will know how to prevent ATM Skimming devices and ATM Skimmers.

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