What is Business Networking?

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To interact with different people, different entrepreneurs is the needed thing now in the commercial field. So for this, Business networking is the networking connection between entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs to ask about their business queries for future growth.

Business networking is the long chain of entrepreneurs of different organizations who are connected to grow their knowledge about business ideas and what’s going in the business industry. This business networking has been made so that people can interact and find out the condition of the business market. Depending on the condition of the market, they discard the ideas of the business and start working on them and divide every task between them. They have only one motive by using this to increase the company’s revenue. They just discuss how to bring their company first in the business world.

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There are big companies in the foreign such as the USA, UK, and many other brands or international organizations that prefer business networking more because they think if everyone works together on a project to get a big goal so they achieve that goal. The use of business networking is still very low in India because, in India, an organization likes its projects as hard-headed, it doesn’t like much interaction or say business networking is not so much explored yet in India but international organization interacts with the organization of many different sectors for better growth of its business.

If someone doesn’t know about business networking but wants to know, then this blog is so important for them and they should read this blog to expand business ideas, to get innovative ideas, to place their views in the middle of the competitors, and get a chance to show their intelligence with the latest technologies.

Benefits of business networking

Everything has its benefits, some adopt and some reject. So let’s discuss some major benefits.

Express your views with clients or customers

Sharing knowledge with different people, discussing thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints is the biggest benefit of networking. All these things help you grow your business ideas, to bring the business to the top level. 

Get more opportunities

If you open your views or ideas in front of everyone such as clients, different owners and if they are also impressed then you can get new opportunities of meeting with clients of international level or brand level. To get opportunities, you have to attend regular seminars, business events whether it is online or offline.

To build better relation between clients

If you want to build your relation between clients so you have to improve the goodwill and reputation. To interact with more people through business meetings. If your impression is good towards clients so you can get better opportunities and business support. opposite people will share their ideas, information, opinion with you. So if you want to achieve your goals, you have to interact with strangers and overcome your reluctance.

Increase level of confidence and patience

The more you have confidence, the more you will be able to walk with business networking. Networking has its chain with which many business entrepreneurs are connected for future business growth and develop technology with the latest update.

Build strength and connectivity

Connectivity is the priority of business networking because the business will not be able to understand each other’s point of view unless there is a better connection between the clients. They don’t share their knowledge with you until you create a positive business inside them.

Get positive advice and support

Suppose you are starting your new business and you want to get some support and advice to build your business base so you can go with this networking.

Top 5 Business Networking Apps 2022

Every entrepreneur wants a non-theoretical platform where seniors can create meetings with their employees from multiple locations.

As we all know that every company had locked for a few months due to covid-19 because the government had put lockdown for a few months so in that case companies were creating meetings with employees from home through business networking apps. Such a situation makes us realize How Business Networking is important for us.

Let’s discuss some business networking apps which are very convenient for every business to meet up with clients, employees, and other staff.

By the way, this business networking site has been made mostly for business or professional purposes but we can also hang out with friends through video calls, voice calls, chats.

Google Meet – Free

Google meet is one of the oldest business networking platforms where entrepreneurs for business meetings, teachers for teaching, and friends for hangup. It has been made for local purposes and professional purposes to connect with leads and your interest. 

Meet app is growing technology where people can also develop their networking whether it is business, social, personal, education, whatever. It has plenty of features such as:

  • Video secure meetings over the globe
  • Free networking app
  • Chats
  • Multiple people can join at one meeting
  • Developed in 400 countries
  • Users can get this app from Google Playstore and Apple store.

If you want to interact with your clients to share your business products so you just have to share the link or code to the clients to invite them to join and then admit him.

Shapr – Free but paid pro version

Hey, Do you want to have some fun with your friends, colleagues from home? If yes, you have to adopt this app which has amazing global features with the latest technology and offers the probability to get involved in business meetings to develop some professional skills with your business clients and seniors.

To become a member of Shapr, you just have to create your profile and some personal or professional formalities such as Full name, Email id or Phone number, strong passwords, and personal interest and hobby in which field. After fulfilling all these prerequisites, you will become a member and enjoy all the design features.

It has some features:

  • You have to clarify your personal and professional interests when you will be signing into the Shapr to enhance your development in the same field.
  • Free but paid with a pro version at $9/month.


This is also a vital business networking platform where you connect with your friends, clients, colleagues through video conferencing and voice calls and hold meetings in it.

If you have joined a group of events so there you can find out some professional, business, or personal events, webinars, seminars for professionals online as well as offline, and the best part, you can create your page according to your interest, passion, field and allow the people who want to join your group by sending a friend request and invite them. If you think about whether it’s free or not, it’s free to install from Google play store and Apple play store but after you want to join any business events, it will be charged.


The Linkedin app is a social no.1 trending app where entrepreneurs come and join us to connect with networking over 500 million people. Even this is the best opportunity for job searchers who want a valuable and reputable job to make their better experience and career for a grownup.

It has some big features:

  • You can chat with your friends, colleagues.
  • Good platform for job searchers because here they can find any type of job whether it is related to Commerce, technical, mechanical.
  • It’s a free app but paid premium at $59.99/month
  • Multiple countries are members of it.


  • It is a software app where people interact with the purpose of business or personal.
  • It’s a free app with group chats, video calls in a large number of teams.
  • It can open on any device.
  • It can be installed from Google Play store and Apple Store.

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