What is PayPal?

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Everyone is now going on the digital path in every field such as online business, online shopping, even online payments and so on. Today we are going to discuss an online payment “Paypal” is a broadband internet connectivity online platform where parties can make payment transactions with each other. In simple words, it is an easy way to receive and send money from parties such as vendors, customers etc. The best thing about this, it has spread its popularity all over the world and because of this, its users are also in millions about 286.

Paypal was founded in california, united states and created in december, 1998 and named was X.com and in 2001, its name was changed “Paypal”. It was developed by a security software company and that company. 

Paypal is useful for many people such as:

Suppose you have a successful business or new startup whether it is small or big, so definitely for buying goods or services you have to make payment to merchants so this is the advantage of paypal because by using paypal you can make payment online by just providing some financial information. By the way, they all use it, take their commercial and personal purpose, but there are still some people who feel unsafe to use it. So this blog is especially for those people today, it’s not unsafe at all because it keeps your information safe and uses it at the right time when you have to do a transaction.

Procedure to make a member of this app

You will become a paypal account for two reasons:

  • Personal
  • Commercial

So the procedure of both is the same but just a little change comes in the information that you provide in it.

  • First, you have to sign up by clicking on the signup button.
  • Then you will receive two options for making an account and you have to choose from them.
  • Give your account details according to their business.
  • After clicking continue, follow all the rules and regulations.
  • If your account is ready, you have to add your credit card or debit card for making and receiving payments through paypal.

This will verify your account, if there is a fund in it, then only it will allow you to make any payments to anyone.

Basic advantages of Paypal account

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It provides low cost services.
  • It is a very safe and secure online payment platform.
  • You just sign up and become a member of it and take full advantage in it.

There are many such social payments platforms available on the internet, but PayPal has its own merits.

Work of PayPal

Paypal’s work everyone knows what purpose it is made for but still many people do not know about its many benefits. Paypal facilitates online payment services to main members of business such as investor, owner, supplier, purchase, vendors, customer and clients to make and receive payments by just providing account information(bank account number, Email address and debit card or credit card). With this information, it verifies your account to check there is so much funds in your account that you can make payment and check whether it is your own account or not.

It acts like a bank but not a proper bank because if you are a member of PayPal so you have to access your account with PayPal and it keeps and uses your information at the right time. so you don’t need to take worries about your account information. Its protection is always available for their users from anywhere. Many different companies connect with Paypal for payment transactions. Paypal is a very big company in itself and finally it got the tag of an independent company in 2015 and created its official website in 2002. It is filled with the latest technology and everyone wants to run with technology.

Free of cost

  • Paypal is free of cost for domestic and international both. Everyone can easily make any amount of transaction by using paypal. 
  • Everyone can get a discount and get cash back after making online payments on this app. PayPal also provides its own credit or debit card so that users can pay. 
  • This app has been created with its trademarks, logo, trade services and all legal formalities and authorized by the government.

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