What is shopify?

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In today’s world, everyone prefers online shopping from such online social platforms (Amazon, Shopify, etc.) so they don’t have to go out. Many people set up their online business because this is the best way to spread your business fast without needing anyone’s help, they only need to know about technology and survive with technology.

Now it comes here that a good platform will also be needed to set up an online business. So today we will talk about a platform that indexes similar shopping sites among themselves. That’s the name of the platform “Shopify” so we need to tell you first what is Shopify?

Before proceeding further, many people think that they have to create a website only then they can set up a business but it’s not like that because business setter doesn’t need to create a website, they can hire a professional web designer because a website builder allows you to take advantage of creating custom, profession, attractive and wonderful website in a half a day. Shopify is a perfect startup for beginners because it is easy to use.

You can create your website with a custom domain and after you have to pay for this.

After joining this website, you don’t need to help and promote your product on other shopping websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Club factory, etc. if you will give proper concentration towards Shopify and work well and amazing with Shopify so you will get success and make your online business explore the world.

When was Shopify found?

Shopify was founded by Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake in 2006. Shopify has a bunch of more than 5000 employees. It is an international(Canadian) e-commerce company.

In simple words, if we describe Shopify so it is a commercial website that gives away to all the entrepreneurs to promote and build their online business without getting any hindrance. If you are a business outside not an online business so you can also build and spread your business by promoting your product or services.

It has a mission to allow all the beginners and professionals to join with them without facing any technical error issue. This is the fastest and easiest way to start an online store.

How to login in Shopify or Shopify login?

  • You don’t need to do more complex formalities, you just enter your email address for being a member of Shopify and take14 days free trial.
  • No need for any credit or debit or other business cards.
  • For startups, Shopify allows you to use powerful tools to create your website attractive and reasonable where you can easily reach your customers, do sales and efficiently handle your business.
  • If you have an offline retail store and you want to create an online store with fresh, effective, and expressive ideas. So you can easily switch your business online and start from the start. In case, you need someone to help set up an online business with Shopify so you can connect with experts or freelancers they have for help.

Did you know how many countries are using Shopify?

Over 10,00,000 online businesses in 175 countries are using Shopify. Users of Shopify increases day by day due to its brilliant features:

  •  Easy to use.
  • Get a huge revenue in very little time.
  • We all know, now everyone wants to become digital in this world so if you want to use some digital techniques so definitely, you can touch the sky in less time.
  • If you choose one platform like Shopify, you can sell products easily to anyone from anywhere on social media platforms.
  • You should have a target to focus on your business which it teaches you itself with its features.

Themes of Shopify or Shopify themes

You can sell a huge variety of products with this platform including physical, provisional, electrical products, and so on.

Handmade products 

Handmade products reflect here such as clothes, boxes, jewelry, antique things, crackers, etc whatever things that you made by hand. You can also sell food products by set up an online restaurant.

Technical things

This includes electronic goods such as mobile phones, light, photographs, etc. which needs Shopify customer service to fix the errors.

Need consultants for opinion

If you are a professional expert such as Doctors, Scientists, Coaches, Designer, lawyers here users can search easily and get their opinion. With Shopify, you can get customers online and sell goods or services online.

Create a member with Shopify

If you are a gym owner, aerobics owner and have a business in which you need a maximum member, you have to get a trial of this platform in which you can create your member to increase your website with your relevant and attractive content and reach your website in a higher rank. The more your website blogs are impressive, the more your website is impressive.

Sell tickets on Shopify

If you have a shop selling airline tickets and other tickets you want to sell fast so you can use Shopify to do fast sales online all over the world.


You can sell beauty products that usually women use in daily life. Women prefer a variety of cosmetics because they love to apply brand makeup and also prefer brand products online only. So you can sell your products here also.

So it has 10 years of experience selling online and creating members in different countries with well-qualified members for creating an attractive and expensive website so that customers attract quickly.

Get Shopify Customer Service

The great thing that every user wants in an online platform- customer support. If customer support is available, half of the problem will be solved automatically. It also provides 24/7 customer service from anywhere, anytime. Even the spread of knowledge with special or regular customers. 

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