What is the DUNS Number?

Business Knowledge

DUNS refers to the data universal numbering system is number which is created by Dun and Bradstreet. Duns and bradstreet are teamed up with Duns which means both are generated Data universal numbering system for business profile and include some of other important commercial information such as phone number, address, number of employees etc.

Basically, Duns and Bradstreet (Big international corporation) which facilitates business data, business valuation and insights. This corporation was in the US and created duns in 1963. Its speciality is that they provide information to more than 330 millions companies related to the business credit reporting system.

They offers various kind of information include:

  • Product and services for risk and finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Always do research on global business
  • Provide financial, technology, strategic services
  • communication services with latest technology
  • Provide customer service

Do you know, Duns and Bradstreet record business data of more than 330 million of corporations all over the world. It really provides worldwide services to all big companies by providing business related information and offers DUNS (contains nine digit numbers to identify a business). Every corporation has a number for an existing business profile, actually Duns and Bradstreet helps to make an identity of business by creating a business profile and then that business is known by the same profile. 

Work of DUNS number

In 1994, Duns became a valuable business detective for government electronic commerce because it is a public company and it is not just a business to be an identifier or information provider including commercial organization, IT industry, non-profit organization, even partnerships, involving the US government. 

The DUNS number offers you official information related to the business such as business relevant name, title, data, payment records, economic status,etc. and with that DUNS number, Duns and bradstreet corporation can find other company’s business status in market and all information related to business and according to business status or condition, they helps for the growth of the company and looks for the best customers and clients for better coordination and interaction.

Registration of DUNS number

It is very important to register to have this number because it is a government business , not everyone can issue it, apply for contracts, or the federal government. It gives the confirmation of the credibility of the business and helps in building relationships between clients, vendors and customers of different countries.

How can we apply for a DUNS number?

It’s not difficult but filled with some formalities and done through its website. It also has a website where you get this number by going and registration and completing some official formalities, after completion the process, then you may get this number within 30 days and the biggest advantage for the US, its free of cost. If you take the number according to the federal government contract, then it has a cost and the authorized company will need to provide official information that every company wants for future and organization identity such as business brand name, official address, mailing address, valid telephone number because all of this information included in business card. Every organization needs a proper unique physical address and headquarters for existing because the official information is represented by the company and it is the responsibility of every organization to keep the DUNS number in place so that it can keep and judge or analyze its business information. 

What is the DUNS number Lookup tool?

To check the DUNS number whether it is existing or not with the use of the DUNS number lookup tool. Duns and Bradstreet allows access to the company’s Duns and Bradstreet credit score and updates by giving reviews, reports and payment information and other financial details. 

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