Where is the security code on a debit card?

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It is not hard to find the security code on a debit card. If you can’t find the security code on a debit card then you must know where it appears. Everyone enjoys debit cards for online payments, paying various kinds of bills, and others. A Debit card has a security code on its backside which is written in black print. It’s not a number that is provided to anyone because it is different from a debit card number that contains a 3 to 4 digit number placed above the signature column. A security code is also called a card verification code or card verification value when a card is swiped.

Always check your card security code if you are using a debit card for online payments permanently. Every debit card user needs to understand the safety policies that are instructed by the card provider or financial institutions before applying for a debit card. A security card is one of the parts of the safety policies that need to be secured by the user which cannot be leaked.

Why should security code not be shared?

As you know, debit cards are connected with a bank account whether it is a savings account, current account, or business account. That’s why it is important to keep debit cards secure by accepting the bank or other financial institution’s policies. Those debit policies help to protect from fraudulent cases in which hackers steal the money or hack all the debit card details with security codes.

When you purchase a product and make digital payment by using debit cards then it has a direct effect on bank balance accounts due to being linked. In purchase payment, vendors scan your debit card in which the security code is scanned with the Permanent Account Number and Signature with Postal Code. If the vendor is also a hacker, then the hacker also uses your security code that is stored automatically inside the swipe machine.

You can get an idea that he is a hacker or not, if the vendor asks for debit card details for scanning the card on a swipe machine, just share only required details like the account number (that appears on the front of the debit card) and email address, but don’t share the security code. Once you share, be ready to suffer major deception and loss, and maybe you can lose your whole account secured money.

Where is the security code on a bank of America debit card?

Generally, America’s debit card is different from other country’s debit cards. America’s debit card security code appears on the front, below the debit card number. Other countries’ debit cards have a security code on the backside, above the signature box.

What happens if the swipe machine can’t find or scan the security code?

It might be a dangerous bell for the debit card users or owners that indicates signals to be alert and take steps ahead to know the actual reason for not scanned:

  • Immediately call the credit union or bank to stop debit card transactions.
  • Ask the debit card provider to know the reasons and prevent the card from fraudulent activity.
  • Get the bank monthly statements immediately to check how much cash has been used.
  • Due to an expired debit card.
  • Maybe it wants to ask for your identity verification before using the debit card.

Why is a debit or credit security code different from an account number?

First-time debit or credit card users always put up many questions in their minds about different codes on cards. It is natural because people always try to learn new things so users would also like to know why security code is different from account numbers. The answer is simple, it is because a security code is a secure code that finds an incomplete number on a white line with black print, which can’t be shared at any cost with anyone whether it is your friend or relative. If you don’t disclose your security code, it means you are keeping your card very safe. As we said, it has different features from account numbers because account numbers can be shared with anyone without having any fear of stealing the money. After all, hackers or thieves can’t steal money with an account number. Keep your security code from hackers or fraudulent people. One thing to note, don’t confuse in between the security code and CVV, both are the same thing that is generated as security protection.

Do you face problems finding your security code on a debit card or credit card?

If yes, there are many options that you can follow to find your security code on a debit or credit code.

  • Firstly, before issuing a debit or credit card, you should carry the card details that are provided by the bank issuer or you can also take help from the card issuer to know about digital cards authority and their different codes in numbers or characters.
  • Secondly, you can make a call directly to the customer care number who is always active for cardholders.
  • Also, you can ask your friend or relatives about the security code over the call but don’t share an image of your debit or credit card and tell your security code, just ask a position of where a security code appears.
  • When you receive your debit or credit card, you also receive a letter along with it in which policies of using a card, limits, and all the information that card consists of.

The safety life of your digital cards is in your hand only, you can keep them secure only when you will hide your social security code from other users or hackers. Even after keeping so much protection, if you find something wrong, just give a direct call to the credit union or card issuer.

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