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Are you searching for the best business ideas to start in Seattle? Don’t worry you will find many ideas from here. Doing business in Seattle is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs due to one of the largest and growing cities of Washington, United States. As you know, business growth depends on the consumer population and the great thing is the population of Seattle is around 4.3 million which can give better output to the business. If you set your mind to start a business in Seattle, you have to know about the major things of Seattle city that may affect business such as climate, population, business status, economic status, and availability of resources. There are many reasons to start a business in Seattle such as:

  • It is a growing city of Washington and one of the richest city
  • Better economic status due to expanding technology facilities
  • Friendly culture and climate where you can easily set up your business
  • Live well-educated peoples
  • The best health facility in case of emergency
  • Availability of utilities such as water, electricity, solar energy, light, natural gas, and other natural-produced things.

It is a great city where you will meet successful entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon), Bseatlle, Tamsin Jolley, Bart Nelson, Kirt Montague, and many others. These can be your mentors if you will follow their business rules to understand the city rules. It’s hard to get business opportunities in every city, it depends on you how you make your space to build your business with your own business rules.

Keep in mind, Seattle gives a chance to spread your talent through the small businesses or large businesses. It doesn’t matter what you start, you just have to focus on your goals and dreams to fulfill.

30 business ideas to start in Seattle

Let’s start to discuss some business ideas of Seattle or you can start in Seattle:

1. Architect company

Seattle is an expensive city to live where many richest people live in luxury homes and run their businesses in luxury buildings. If you have strong enough money to invest in your business, you can set up an architect company in which you make your own team who have full experience and knowledge of architect work by which you can earn handsome money and make your identity in Seattle city to add your name in brand entrepreneurs list.

2. Construction business

As you can see, many status and tall buildings have been constructed in Seattle with designable structures. That’s why we are saying a construction business may be successful if you collect talented workers or employees to construct a building in a unique way. It requires a huge amount of money but also gives major profit. Use best construction apps to manage construction activities.

3. Fruits business

Have you heard that delicious fruits are found in Seattle’s market and the market name is Pike Place Market that is famous for selling tasty and sweet fruit items such as cherries, pears, apples, raspberries. These fruit items are ordered by people from different cities and states of the United States. Many entrepreneurs set up a stall daily in Pike Place Market and earn handsome money. Pike Place Market is one of the largest markets in the city of Seattle.

4. Seafood business

5. Like fruits, seafood is found in Pike Place Market where fresh seafood deals are done by the consumers, wholesalers, and retailers. As you know, Seattle is famous as a seaport city. That’s why seafood is found there in large quantities.

5. Comic book business

The citizens of Seattle like to read comic books so you can also set up a comic store business where you can have different themes of comic books. It is a low-cost business which doesn’t require a full set up or business location, you can start from a small store on the street and then it will have good money so you can set up a large business of comic books with proper business location and facilities.

6. Antique shops

People like to wear antique jewelry and decorate their homes or buildings with antique things so if you are thinking of setting up an antique shop, you can easily start in Seattle city because Seattle is already famous for making and selling antique things. It requires huge money for buying materials to make antiques and cover promotion costs.

7. Music studio

In Seattle, you can find many talented music composers and other people who want to sing but they can’t afford to go outside the city due to financial crises. If you have a musical talent and a sweet voice to show talent in front of an audience and give chances to other talented people to merge with your studio or business so you can set up easily in Seattle city. It requires large money to organize concerts for the audience to enlarge the business.

8. Coffee business

The citizens of Settle are crazy about coffee so it may be a successful business idea for you or you may find large competition in this business. You know what first coffee store opened in Pike Place Market but now you will find thousands of coffee shop in the same place or other places. Before starting the coffee business, you must know about coffee ingredients so that you can avoid chemicals. It requires capital, resources, materials, machines and equipment, labor, and knowledge. Best coffee shops such as Cafe Allegro, Starbucks, Uptown Espresso, Monorail Espresso, Bauhaus Strong Coffee, Caffe Ladro, and many others. You can take business ideas from them to get quick success. Seattle has a strong coffee culture.

9. Alcohol business

Many alcohol businesses are found in Seattle city and its business ranking is growing day by day. The demand for beer and wine is increasing due to the increasing population. To open a beer and wine shop, you have to acquire a business license to run your business legally. The production of wine is better in Seattle but not more than in California. It is more serious, which needs to be done carefully.

10. Chocolate business

To start a chocolate business depends on consumer’s demand. By the way, the chocolate business is a successful business that has been proven in Seattle city and you can set up an online or offline business from home and get more customers easily. It requires low investment but more effort. Here are some chocolate factories in Seattle such as Theo chocolate, Rocky mountain chocolate factory, Fran’s chocolate, Intrigue chocolates Co, and many others. These can be your motivators to give insights to start your business.

11. Asian food business

Seattle is famous for Asian food and many of the restaurants provide Asian foods to the customers due to being liked by the people. Asian food is mainly found in Chinese restaurants in Seattle. It requires a large investment and huge profit. It is the best business idea to start in Seattle after gathering all related details.

12. Shows and movies tickets business

Seattle city is famous for its Tv shows and movies for the last few years. So if you start a business selling movies and show tickets, you can earn handsome money because a large number of people will buy tickets in bulk. The famous show of Seattle city is Grey’s Anatomy.

13. Open stalls on beaches and parks

Seattle has famous beaches like Gas Works Park, Lake Union Park, Alki Beach, Green Lake, and others. You can set up stalls on beaches and parks of different varieties such as fruits, seafood, clothes, footwear, cosmetics, antiques, and so on. It requires low investment but full efforts in which there is no need to hire workers, it would be like a small business.

14. Dairy business

Seattle is famous for selling milk products like cheese. Cheeze is more sold on Seattle beaches so you can start a dairy business in Seattle to earn a fair amount of money. Fresh milk can collect from near local farms and enlarge your business in your locality.

To start a dairy business, you will need to find a location and then resources to continue the business at a good level according to today’s situation. To get knowledge, you will have to meet small dairy owners for business dealing in which you will require capital and labor.

15. Sports equipments shop

You can start a sports equipment store where you can sell sports equipment like bats, balls, knee guards, etc. Matches are organized in Seattle because, in Seattle, there are many stadiums where games are held on a national or international level. The sports culture is very strong in Seattle.

This business requires capital, resources, knowledge, and a business place so that you can run your business freely and earn a handsome amount of money.

16. Tourism business

Seattle is a place of vacation where you can spend your holidays and many people come to enjoy Seattle on holidays. You can start a tourism company in which you can offer different package offers to the clients and also provide a guide with them to understand the place’s history.

To expand your business, you can take knowledge from other tourism companies or you can join them to explore extra advanced knowledge for better success.

17. Set up shops in malls

Seattle has many shopping malls like Northgate Mall so you can open shops for different things in malls by investing a good amount of money with other resources. It can be a small business or a large business that depends on your business size. You have to invest at least 50000$ to gain your own space in the mall as an entrepreneur.

18. Beauty shop

You can set up a beauty shop where you can sell beauty products like lipsticks, lotion, cream, serum, liner, and other things. It requires a large investment of around 5000$ for medium scale businesses and 40000$ for large scale businesses. It is a more demandable business in Seattle.

19. Event company

Event companies can be successful business options for you in which fair investment and full efforts plus strategies are required. To start an event management company, you must have better communication skills and marketing knowledge. If you have these qualities, you can get success in your business. It is a best business ideas to start in Seettle for new entrepreneur.

20. Dance academy

If you love to dance and have a talent for dancing, you can set up your dance academy where you can teach dance activities to the students by charging them. The citizens of Seattle have a craze of dance activities so the chances of this business can be successful. It doesn’t require large investment nor labor, it requires only talent. The more creativity, the more business successful

21. Car washing business

If you don’t have the capital to invest in your business but you have an arrangement of labor so you can set up a car washing shop to earn handsome money. The Car washing business contains time-consuming and effortless services.

22. Hotel business

If you have more startup funds, you can start a hotel business with proper resources because it requires more effort. Seattle has many luxury hotels where people can visit on weekends.

It is a luxury business in which you require strategies to reach your business on the next level.

23. Boutique

If you have the talent to stitch the clothes, you can start a boutique where you can stitch a variety of clothes like fancy clothes for parties and functions, drama clothes, and casual clothes to direct sell to the customers and retailer. It requires more hard work than money.

24. Unisex salon

Unisex salons are demandable by the clients. If you want to set up a salon, you have to find a location and hire assistants so that they can help in your business. To expand the business, you can offer discounts on beauty packages on special occasions.

25. Fitness center

It is a successful business idea for you because people are more concerned about their fitness. To set up a fitness center, you have to find a business location, resources (labor, capital, equipment) so that your center will look extremely designable.

26. Handicraft business

Handicraft business is a very popular business due to more demand by the customers and if you think that you have a crafted team so you can start a business of handicraft where you can show your talent. Handicraft items such as clothes, antiques, candles, jewelry, scenery, paintings, embroidery, and others. You can set up your stores or company where you hire a team who perform their activities like accounting, sales, marketing, consulting, financing. All things are required to build a particular business and to enhance the business quality you can offer special discounts on your crafted things to attract customers. Create marketing strategies to apply in your business by which business production will increase. It is easy and creative business ideas to start in Seattle.

27. Photography business

Seattle has different places to visit that are wonderable and memorable for a lifetime once you visit. To capture that type of moment, everyone clicks their picture for sweet memories. To make people memorable, you can open your photo studio in which you will need a location to establish a business, capital and labor-intensive, and other resources like teams. If you have a good budget, you can make your business large by taking business orders from big parties and functions.

28. Real estate business

A Real estate business is a growing business that helps clients to sell and purchase buildings and homes at a reasonable rate. You will find many real estate companies in Seattle city by which you can take some guidance from them to run your business in a better way. To get relevant knowledge if you are new in this field, you will need to interact with buyers, sellers, and most important is experienced real estate owners who have been running large companies for the last few years.

29. Bakery business

The bakery items like biscuits, cookies, snacks, desserts, cakes, cupcakes, etc. These items are demanded by the customers more in today’s world in the evening time on a daily basis and also count famous dishes in parties and weddings to fulfill the children’s demand. If you have a good business location you can start a bakery business offline but without more budget, you can start an online bakery business for online service.

30. Gift shop

Seattle is a growing and exploring city of Washington in which everyone wants to take gifts from their loving partners, friends, or family on special occasions. You have two options offline and online, you can set up your gift shop offline where you directly sell your gift items to the customers but in the case of an offline shop, you have to take orders first from customers then continue the dispatch process to deliver the item to the customer’s place. This process runs on an eCommerce platform. It is also counted as one of the best business ideas to start in Seattle.

How to start a business in Seettle?

Here are some steps to start a business in Seattle:

  • Search for best business ideas to start in Seettle
  • Find the scope of business that you you are going to start
  • Arrange resources for business startup such as capital, labor, equipments, machines, etc
  • Find your investors
  • Find your consultants
  • Register your business under state office
  • Complete legal formalities to protect business such as license and insurance
  • Build strategies for business improvement
  • Execute the business plan

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