List of 25 best small business to start in Maine

Business Idea

Starting a business in Maine is a big opportunity as well as a big challenge. It is a state of a creative economy whose economic stability is good in today’s century which provides every facility to the people for growing their business. The business success also depends on population, the population of Maine is 1,500,000, its rapidly developing state after the 1990 census. The US. has larger support from Maine state in terms of developing the rate of economic growth and population census. After understanding all if you are looking for the best small business to start in Maine, then don’t worry bellow we discussed abut 25 best small business opportunities which are best to start in Maine.

Top 25 best business opportunities in Maine

1. Tourism agency

Maine has a big scope for tourism companies due to developing industries. The Maine state has many travel agencies or companies that provide various facilities like the creation of VISA, passport, and other immigration and naturalization services to the people. To be involved in the tourism industry as a competitor, not a tough task, you will just analyze the work scope of this industry and what things are required to survive in this industry.

2. Blueberries business

Maine has a huge production of wild and high-bush blueberries, it is the only state where retailers and wholesalers find blueberries stock. If you think that you have a good financial budget to merge in the blueberries business, you can start with small as well as large businesses whose investment depends on stock quantity. It is the best business idea to earn a huge profit by setting up a retail store or wholesale store. You can earn quality value in the business world once you set up a blueberries business due to more demand in the United States.

3. Transportation service

Transportation service is a big support to increase the state economy. It plays a major role in national transportation whether it is a rail port, airport, road port, or water port. It is a settled industry in which you can easily enter without investing the extra effort. Transport business requires other expenses like capital to buy vehicles to carry goods or services from one place to another. It is a risky business due to more chances of accidents during traveling.

4. Pulp and Paper industry

Maine has a pulp and paper foundation that supports entrepreneurs to provide ideas of how to start a pulp and paper business by the experts. It’s a big industry if you want to settle a business with a competitive advantage. If you have good financial support, you can hire a professional team who have graduated in the same industry from pulp and paper university, it will give quick results due to having huge knowledge about the foundation.

5. Textile company

Maine takes out the major output from the textile industry every year, this industry plays an important role in the economy’s positive status. The Textile industry is one of the oldest and most successful in Maine. Rather it has a global market of this industry that is providing high-quality service with legal authorities. High performance is found in the textile industry so it’s a huge chance to settle a business in this industry, you can also take support from research and development and other logistics to participate in the small or medium-sized business.

6. Wood business

Maine has a big forest that is popular for a wooden forest in which you can find varieties of wood by which you can start your wood business by making wood products like furniture items even as we said you can start a paper industry with multiple wood varieties. You can start a wood manufacturing company as a manufacturer, retail as a retailer, and sell while products as a wholesaler. Set your price near the market price to sell into the market. It can be a highly profitable business once you promote globally.

7. Electronic equipment business

Do you know about electronic equipment? If yes, you can start selling electronic equipment as a retailer and wholesaler that you like. Electronic equipment like resistors, capacitors, inductors, Oscilloscopes, multimeter, LED, LCD, computers, transistors, Diodes, Vacuum tubes, and many more. All these have huge demand in Maine due to increasing technology rapidly. Before starting an electronic equipment business, you must have equipment knowledge like values, rates, functions, etc.

8. Leather product business

With a larger budget, you can start a leather manufacturing business due to huge demand in varieties, or with a lower budget, you can start leather retail and wholesale business. This state has the largest and cheapest production of leather in the whole US so you can easily reach success with this business. Due to cheap production, residents and retailers or wholesalers of the US prefer to buy leather products from Maine. This business requires one-time huge investments to set a business in the right business location.

9. Food business

If you have good taste in food, you can start a business in the food industry in which you can add famous items of Maine state such as Bean holes beans, Lobster rolls, Ploys, Italian sandwiches, Chowder, Blueberry cake, Fiddlehead ferns, and other items you can also add that consider as a traditional food of Maine. For your business, you can hire a chef to improve your food business by making famous dishes of Maine. This business requires low investment for small businesses and large investment for big business at one time and resources.

10. Agriculture industry

Agriculture is one of the big sectors of Maine which has a big contribution to the economy. It generates agricultural products such as dairy products, apples, sugar, maple syrup, and many more. To establish this business, you can take support from farmers to acquire agricultural products with modern techniques so that you can exist your business. A wide variety of opportunities you will find in agricultural industries. Agricultural products are an important source for people to survive.

11. Clothes shop

It is a required source for people in daily life. You can set up a store and start selling services to the right buyers to generate a good income. Also, you can run your business on an eCommerce platform as well as a website and spread your business all over the country. You can design your business website by a web designer or creator with images, designs, and templates. With little budget, you can start selling from home also without godown, other additional resources. People in Maine are also interested in buying clothes in various varieties daily.

12. Laundry shop

The people of Maine live well-dressed, they don’t like dirty and unpressed clothes. You can avoid this problem for people by establishing a laundry shop in which you can make money by offering laundry services. It is a service business that provides social service first then reaches the earning part. It doesn’t require capital, but knowledge of laundry services.

13. Online business

If you don’t have an interest in retail stores and wholesale stores, you can go into an online platform to set your business. This is the best way to become an expert marketer and a quick way to collaborate with a lot of people to make a chain of consumers. In Maine, an online shopping craze is developing rapidly, it boosts business productivity.

14. Online Restaurant business

Setting up an online restaurant is a quick way to get involved in an online food system. You can make your own website by adding images and food items or menu lists so that customers can know about your services digitally and you can directly receive orders from the clients.

15. Fishing business

Lobster fish is demanded by customers more in Maine, US. It is sold at a premium rate by a lobster fishing business entrepreneur. This business is now booming and creating a big market. With a fishing service, you can sell fishing equipment or tools to complete the business service.

16. Homecare products business

Homecare products are required by the people in Maine and this industry is considered as one of the biggest in the United States. You can start with homecare products to start a business on an online platform or open a store. With suitable packing, dispatch your products for selling to the customers because customers also oversee a packaging service before buying the product. It is a low investment business idea that you can start in Maine.

17. Departmental store

You can start departmental store business with average capital with limited resources. This business generates profit from the market by selling products like homecare items, food items, and drink products. This business is established on an online track as well.

18. Trip advisor business

The Trip advisor business is a business of providing travel services in the form of knowledge, ticket bookings, reservations, and tourist travel. These kinds of services are offered by a Tripadvisor company to make a comfortable environment for the people. To start this business, you will need travel niche knowledge and all kinds of services to survive in the travel industry.

19. Recruitment company

This is a commission-based business that runs rapidly in the market. It fulfills the job requirement in big or small companies. In this business, you will have to find job seekers so that you can set them in companies or seekers can directly contact you over calls and emails to look for a job.

20. Packaging business

The Product packaging process is required in every business for passing the product legally. You should be concerned about packaging business designs to complete the distribution process, also concerned about customer’s interest and the latest global trends. This business requires a legal authority to start and capital to fulfill designable services.

21. Daycare business

If you don’t have qualifications to run the school, you can open daycare services to the students because US residents have some busy schedules that’s why they can’t give time to their children. Actually, daycare services are for those parents who cannot handle their children with proper time and effort.

22. Magazines store

Starting a magazines store in Maine is a good idea & to start you need to be awareness of magazines or their publishers. In Maine, you can easily set up a store with low investment and also create a website on an eCommerce platform and sell magazines on paid. Also, give an option of paid subscription to the consumers to look at magazine varieties for buying purposes. Before starting a business, you will have to research publishers who create magazines to know the value of their writing. If you have the skill to create magazines by writing yourself, you require only a low cost to invest in resources.

23. Furniture business

Do you know the furniture industry? If yes, you can run the furniture business in Maine rapidly with new technologies. The demand for this business is increasing. That’s why it gives a good margin to this business. Researchers are required to settle this business in the same industry.

24. Web designing company

A web designing company offers web services like SEO, SMM, SEM, affiliate marketing, and Blogging. It is a digital business that requires a full staff of employment because multiple activities are required to complete the digital services. You can get a website project from web companies and work on those projects by charging clients.

25. Blog services

If you have the talent to write content for websites, you can offer blog services to other website owners who want bloggers. Once you start this business, you should have the skill to write content in different niches.

How to start a business in Maine?

Here are some basic steps to start a business in Maine:

  • Choose a business niche
  • Create business plans
  • Generate finance structure
  • Find business location
  • Generate marketing team
  • Build a business staff to start business activities
  • Acquire a business license and other business EIN
  • Promote a business

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