Marketing strategy vs Marketing plan

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Strategy and plan are both different definitions from each other in the world of marketing but when marketing is combined with the words ‘strategy’ and ‘plan’ then it becomes a contentful word. Marketing strategy vs Marketing plan, are the most repeated activities which are needed to perform in every field whether it is commerce, IT, or Medical. And it’s true, without these terms we can’t think to complete our task without any hindrance or we can say that our task is incomplete if we do not use these meaningful activities. 

Planning is done in marketing to complete the name ‘marketing plan’ and strategy is done in marketing to complete the name ‘marketing strategy’.

Meaning of Marketing strategy and Marketing plan

To clear the meanings of marketing strategy and marketing plan, here are definitions:

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is a term that describes techniques that are used in business to perform marketing rules. The strategy is needed to find out from around the environment and apply it in the real world to achieve marketing goals. Strategy is the way to improve the marketing plans for achieving quick success so that plans look meaningful and desirable.

Strategy is not an ordinary word that can be used anywhere anytime, it is applied to accomplish a major task. It is made after reading customers’ minds, competitors’ minds, and most important market research. Market research is the priority in building strategy steps.

How it works

  • Strategy is a way of delivering the message in the plans
  • It is a way of adding strong actions in planning
  • It enhances the chances of getting success
  • It increases the chances of getting valuable output from the business
  • It improves effective business growth.
  • It can give new direction or new techniques to achieve desired goals.
  • It helps to complete tasks without confusion.

Marketing plan

A Marketing plan is a term that gives a way to reach the platform smoothly by using a marketing strategy. It consists of market research + market strategy + market activities + market status and condition + market value + market growth + market productivity + customer needs + customer interest

Planning acts like an outline of the business in which we have to perform or can’t cross the line. If we cross the line, it may be imbalanced and decrease the chances of getting goals.

How it works

  • Planning is the first step of every task because planning clears the doubts that are put up in mind before and during performing the task. 
  • It is used from start to end for facing any circumstances, hindrances, and drastic changes in the environment (market and financial).
  • It executes the task at the right time with the right strategy.
  • It helps to avoid hindrances in the way.
  • It helps to decide future business activities.
  • It helps to prepare for future unwanted situations by using business contingency plans.
  • If planning contains detailed information, the output would be relevant that reach our business on the next level.

What happens when we work on marketing strategy and marketing plan together

When we work on marketing strategy and marketing plan together then we need to think about multiple actions that involve both terms. Both have different prospectus to create but create for each other, each term is incomplete without another term at one time. 

When we start making marketing plans for a particular task, we gather information from all business steps such as budget, growth, purpose, goal time, resource, the status of business products, etc. Plans are the trustable thing which if used accordingly then it would work and will give some output/result at the end. We can’t deny the one thing that strategy is always not right, it can fail anytime during performing the task.

If we come to compare both terms from each other then marketing plans are more successful than a marketing strategy, we are saying because marketing strategies can be reversed at any time, it can also destroy the whole marketing plan.

But this is also true, both are required to create together for instant results. As we said, the task is incomplete without both, if strategies are not involved in planning then the plan does not contain impactful results. 

The last line, marketing strategy represents the techniques that are created by using charts, marketing software, and plans to mix attractive ideas in the marketing plan. On the other hand, a marketing plan represents the goal direction that is required to follow from the first point to the last point.

For example, suppose we have a departmental store business and we need to build a marketing plan then we will perform some steps. Here are those steps:

Steps to create a marketing plan course

Marketing prospectus

Our first step is to know the prospectus of the market related to your business prospectus after consulting with marketing research and marketing analysts. Prospectus means the market mentality status regarding the product. Marketing prospectus helps you to define our business strength and level in the market. 

Like as we said we have a departmental store business so we have to find out the status of this business in the market consulting with market researchers and consultants, they tell us about how many more departmental store businesses already exist in the market and how they are running and at which level, their earning status, and much more. All these things are important to know to create a marketing plan.

After knowing the marketing prospectus, we will go through the next step that is ‘research’.

Marketing research for knowing marketing goals

Our second step is to know the marketing goals by doing research. Marketing goals define the market’s future plans, it is really helpful if we are known with the market goals. We can set our goals by doing advanced planning with the next market goals.

If we analyze the goals of other departmental stores, we can create a new marketing plan for giving the competition to our competitors in the market. It will help us to stand in the market.

Find competitors

Our third step is to find competitors in the market who have the same business as yours. If we get to know our competitors then we can prepare to compete with our competitors and be ready to beat them. To know the competitor’s previous status in the market, we need to take out the previous market charts so that we can get to know which market member got high output that related to our business in the market.

Like, if we find the competitors of the departmental store business then we can get help from how many competitors are there and how much output they got in the last year, and what status of them. All these things are helpful to beat competitors and know the competitor’s journey. This will help us to build marketing plan programs.

Marketing consumers

Time to find the consumers and the percentage of consumers that interact with the market owners every year and also need to know the demand of consumers to run the business and marketing plan. Consumers are the only ones who can make a profit from the market and also enhance the market productivity level by interacting with them. 

Like if we get to know how much consumers interact with departmental store owners daily then we can find that how much demand comes from consumers. In simple words, we need to prepare marketing plans with consumer needs and satisfaction and also their expectations. If consumers are happy, the market productivity will increase.

Time to set our objective with market objective

Now, we have to set or prepare our objective of what we will start, from where we start and when we have to start. It is important to set our specific objectives if we want to get marketing goals. The objective is the essential part of a marketing plan and whole business planning because it gives the motive to run the business.

If we set the objective according to the market condition and objective then it will be helpful in our departmental store business so that we can also run our business by following those objectives.

We have discussed how to prepare a marketing plan, now it’s time to know about creating a marketing strategy to run our departmental store business. Here are these steps:

Steps to create a marketing strategy course

Know the business goals

First, to prepare a marketing strategy we need to know the business goals and based on the business goals, we have to work on a marketing plan. Business goals also contain marketing plans that require running with market conditions and goals.

Familiar with Market changes environment

We need to be familiar with the market changes environment so that we can go through the marketing strategy to track actual updates and changes in the market status. The Market environment keeps on changing regularly and we need to accept these drastic activities to match with our marketing strategies.

Analyze customer preferences

Need to know the customer preferences that what they want from us, what kind of brand they are searching at how much rate. All these things matter to us to know what is happening in the market. Customers’ preferences are most important to apply when we are creating marketing strategies. 

Customers are very possessive of their brand, quality, price, and quantity so we need to work also on it so that customers can’t give any excuse to us. If we find any obstacles to find customer needs, we can take help from marketing consultants and analysts.

Brand, quality, and price

Before going through customer preferences, we need to be familiar with the market brand, quality, and price so that we can handle the customers and read the customer’s mind to provide the products at market price.

Interact with marketing analysts and consultants

For advanced market exploring and drastic information, we can interact with marketing analysts and consultants because this is their profession and they are familiar with that. It will be great if they will guide us about market conditions, channels, campaigns, and objectives.

Digital steps while building a marketing strategy and marketing plan

As we know, now every activity happens through digital and we can’t ignore this digital world to create a marketing strategy and marketing plan.


If we have a running website it is also a part of marketing strategy like we need to add content related to our business products and add business product items. According to market research, we should give time on our website for product promotion.

Websites are the digital way to enhance our business productivity and are the only platform where you can sell your products directly to the customers. Write our content based on marketing campaigns and audiences.

Social media sites

If we want to explore new things to create a marketing strategy and marketing plan, we need to be active on social platforms so that more attraction with customers or visitors for product promotion and market identification. 

Social media sites are the supporter of the product promotional industry that helps us to interact with market opportunities and market competitors due to having analytical knowledge and skills. That’s why we are saying if we start developing our marketing skills and strategies, this would be a great platform.

Marketing Apps 

Marketing apps are the technical solution for market strategy and marketing plans. These marketing apps are very useful for market research and identification that helps us to reach customer solutions and preferences.

In marketing apps, we can get more updates and features like tracking systems, market analytics tools, customer preference records, competitor’s data, and much more.