What Is Email Marketing?

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Email marketing is when you send a promotional message to your potential clients and customer via email. Only those peoples will get the email who all has signed the paper or who all are subscribers. It is just like the newsletter. It is electronic mail through your portal whenever there is any update or invention. This marketing is used to inform the customers about your brand, sales and etc. 

Traditional email marketing is done one to one basis and all the emails are having the same pattern of emails. Modern email marketing or we can say today email marketing is fully digitalized. In this, we can do massive mailings at the same time and we can send personalized emails to customers.

Many companies send direct emails to customers like order confirmation, delivery confirmation, response to customer questions, etc. Email marketing is a way of broadcasting the product, site, blog via internet marketing. With email marketing, we can send newsletters when there is any update in the company. When there is can type of sale and offers we can send emails to subscribers. In email marketing, we can send a general message to customers or clients on the companies behalf. The process of email marketing helps to keep the business customers or clients updated.

Sometimes these types of emails are very annoying for the customers and are sent to spam emails.

Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Adaptation: Email marketing is helpful for promotional activities like launching of sales, exclusive deals, promotion of new brand or product. It is like campaigning, where you send informative messages to subscribers. We can send the leftover product in cart messages, also send a message about your last purchase and special offers of the festive season.
  • Awareness: Email marketing is best because we can directly connect with someone by sending an email. By sending an email we can reserve some space in their inbox and mind. Personalized email marketing is more effective than a social post. Where you can send one to one email to the customer. Now or later customer will see your email which you have send and which is saved in your inbox. We can send a large number of emails at the same time. It is scalable. 
  • Customer loyalty: While preparing an email you should be more converse, onboard, retent so that the customer will wait for your email which you sent every week. This is the powerful tool t build relationship with the customer through emails.

Steps to do Email Marketing 

  • Selection of the email marketing software: The first and foremost step of email marketing is to select the right software for your company and will able to send and manage your email campaigns and email subscribers. Popular email tools are Sendinblue, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Mailerlite, and HubSpot. There is a lot of software in the market but it hard to choose among them. 
  • Make your email list: No one can send an email without the subscriber form or list information. Now it’s time to make a list of subscribers with their emails. Mostly software allows you to create subscription forms that are published on your website. While creating a form you must be clear about the signup process for the subscription. If you send weekly newsletters to subscribers then it’s great. If you send irrelevant newsletters to subscribers then they will sooner unsubscribe you.
  • Send welcome email for new subscribers: When someone joins you or subscribes you then send the attention email to that person. Send them the welcome email. It will be auto generate message sent to the new joiner. Its main motive to tell them about you and engage the new subscriber by sending them an attractive welcome deal.
  • Tell them about the goal of your email marketing campaign
    It this you need to tell the customer about you goal of the campaign.
    • Promote your new product
    • With exclusive discounts and deals
    • Give more free links to downloads your latest ebook
    • Updating subscribers about companies new venture
  • Make an informative design of email: It is not important to hire a professional to make an informative email for email marketing. You can do it yourself. You can use email editor tools by simply drag and drop you can prepare the email.
  • Create your email copy: If you know about the goal of the company and you know to whom you are targeting then just you need to fill the template with the words and what you want to say to the audience. 
  • Optimize your email: you need to optimize the email which you are going to send to your subscribers, clients, customer. whether they are having relevant material or information optimize the content of the email.
  • Wait for the right time to Schedule your campaign: when everything is ready you need to wait for the right time so that your campaign will hit the target audience and in return, you will get the profitable output of the campaign.
  •  Analyze your campaign output: After you campaign and it’s time to review and analyze the result. The review will help you to check the goodwill of the campaign and how much people are now connected with you.

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