What is Universal Product Code?

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With the growing technology, we need to grow our marketing also. Like, as a manufacturer, you need to consummate all the legal procedures maintained by the government. When manufacturer companies make finished products with brand labeling, company address, contact number, fax number, Id number, and also contain expiry and manufacturer date also after scanning with the barcode number. For the first time, companies don’t need to put some effort into barcode numbers for scanning but in today’s time, companies need to complete a full procedure to get barcode numbers through Universal Product Code (UPC).

Universal Product Code is an identification code that contains a 12 digit number of a product so that retailers can know their products by its labeling and also adopt products after scanning the barcode number with Universal Product Code.

Universal Product Code is a code that exists on products sent to the retailers to identification for specific items. With Universal Product Code, retailers can familiar with products features such as:

  • Size of the product box
  • Identifying the packaging process
  • Color of the products
  • Number of the products for specification
  • Product brand name with all details

Universal Code Council (UCC)

In simple words, if a company wants to explore their strategies on digital platforms so they need to apply for Universal Product Code (UPC) which is provided by Universal Code Council (UCC).

UCC is an international organization that offers UPC services to multiple industries for their identity of products. It is an overall service of e-commerce that provides business-to-business services to 23 countries and is eligible to be considered as the biggest platform from where manufacturer companies can get Universal product code. 

GSI US is the supervisor of the Universal Product Code (UPC) which is a crucial part of global organizations (UCC). It’s the responsibility to control the product guidelines for identification and also pass registration if someone has applied.

Suppose someone started a new business and launched a new product so they need UPC for each product specification so that they can send it to the retailers for identification.

UPC has changed the way of product selling procedure because, without UPC, we can’t send the product to the retailer.

Benefits of Universal Product Code 

  • For the manufacturer, it is easy to specify their product to the retailer or consumers
  • It reduces the errors in information of the product
  • It makes the product brandable globally
  • It is registered by the GSI US in the USA which is a part of a global standard organization.
  • The main purpose of UPC is to make easier products with size, color, brand names at the time of bar code scanning.
  • It conducts brandable barcode numbers.

What does the Universal Product Code -12 digit number describe?

These 12-digit number divides into 3 parts:

First 6-Digit numbers code

The first six-digit number is used by the manufacturer so that they can apply it to their product. This 6-digit code is known as manufacturer code.

Last 5-digit numbers code

The last five-digit number is used for naming the product and making it a brand. It is known as the item number.

Once the code is used for a specific product, you can’t use it again for another unique product.

Last digit number

The last digit number is used to check all the first 6-digit and 5-digit numbers by adding and multiplying with the last digit number.

These numbers describe whether the code is valuable or correct for product identification.

Procedure to acquire a Universal Product Code 

To get a UPC for your product identification, you will need to apply so that you can easily acquire your UPC from GSI US.

If you want to choose additional benefits with a barcode that easily specifies your product so you can also pay an additional fee. If you don’t want to, you can go with cheap barcodes who also provide better services.

Start the procedure to apply for UPC, so there are some steps you will need to follow before sending the products to the retailer:

Number of UPC’s you will need

First, you will need to clarify how many UPC you need for different products because as we know each product has a unique UPC number for identification.

Select GSI option

GTIN (Simple)

If you are running a small organization and you have a small number of products or don’t have enough budget so you can easily go through the GTIN number which contains simple features which fulfill basic needs in just 30$ with no extra fees. If you get it, you just get a single license for flowing your products.

GSI Company Prefix

If you are running a big organization and you have a large number of products. After obtaining this GSI option, you can get multiple barcodes in a single time for unique products and get a chance to explore your products globally. IT is more expensive than simple GTIN.

Submit an application

After completing the above procedure, you need to apply for GSI US.

Need to do Online Payment

With the application, you need to attach payment for GSI including some information.

Once the payment is done, you will be notified through email confirmation of your GSI.

Designation of Barcode

Barcode is usually a color of black and white, which is best but if you want to use different multi-colors so you can also use it.

Apply for digital barcodes

You need to go through the website of GSI, you will get a plain and uncomplicated (clear) barcode for scanning.

Apply for Physical barcodes

If you want an expensive barcode to make your product brand so you will also need to go through websites for it. Users choose this if their products have been already finished for sending.

Scanning on the same location

You will need to be concerned about the barcode scanning so that you can scan in the same location of the product.

Is Barcode the same as UPC?

No, there is not so much difference. 

Let’s see the difference, Barcode is the describing code that takes the place of UPC details for labeling the delivered products.

The barcode is important for scanning by the optical scanners who check the value of products by scanning the barcode vertical lines(black) and the given number below under the lines.

The Barcode readers represent the data by the width, parallel lines with the help of application software.

If you know that every smartphone has a barcode reader who helps to scan the barcode lines.

Universal product code is the unique number that has lines and numbers which divide the important information. The role of the scanner is to read all the information by scanning the numbers, and lines.

How to generate UPC?

It is a simple process if you have already done it many times, if not it can create some difficulty.

To avoid difficulties, you should know about the procedure if you are going to apply for a UPC for the first time.

First, you need to create your UPC on google. As you know, UPC code is a unique number, and to get this number you need to apply for a UPC number so that retailers or other owners can accept your products.

For brand selling, you need to apply for GSI(Global Standard 1), a certificate of UPC that gives the surety to the retailers that your UPC barcode is unique.

Ways to get a GSI Barcode

You have two ways to get GSI code, both ways have different values and different procedures and cost too. 

If you want to do that you can get GSI code free so you can directly from GSI. Through this procedure, your retailers can easily accept it but it comes with a good cost.

The second way is GSI certified barcode, less expensive which is directly obtained from a reseller but the code will not be unique, it has been used. It contain risk too.

Universal Product Code Reader

Some of barcode readers which works to read all the necessary information on code.

Many people ask one one question, that universal product code is read by what type of scanner so don’t worry i can share best universal product code reader.

  • Maxicheck
  • MaxiSys Mini
  • AutoLink
  • CRP Elite
  • Gear Scan Plus
  • Pocketscan
  • Millennium
  • Latching USB Code
  • MaxiAP BL 4.0
  • MaxiDiag
  • NEXIQ Blue-Link
  • Elite Autoscan USB Update
  • OBD code reader

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