How old do you have to get a debit card?

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Giving a debit card in the hands of children is considered very risky but if this fear is kept on the side then it also has more benefits. And today we are here to discuss how old you have to get a debit card and when get official control on their debit cards as well as many other points that you need to understand before offering the debit cards to children.

Most parents offer a debit card to their children as a part of education so that children can acquire financial knowledge at the age of 18 or under 18 and understand how to manage savings accounts and do many other financial activities. When the parents try to get supporters for their children for sending and receiving payment and managing transactions in that case, the bank checks the financial skills of children and after analyzing their skills offer a debit card to them.

Every bank has its own rules, some banks offer debit cards at the age of 18, and some offer under the age of 18. They run with their fixed policies that government management has fixed.

When do Children get official control on their debit cards?

When a bank provides a debit card to a child under the age of 18, it is given only on the parent’s behalf. Parents have control over their children to use a debit card in limit. And when the child turns 18, he has official rights and can manage a debit card along with a savings account without taking parent’s permission. In a savings account, they can save their income if they earn. But if they do not earn and have not crossed 18, then their parents have full control and right to stop them from spending money on useless things. Under the age of 18 children, the bank offers a joint account to them that is fully linked with the parents checking account and only parents can handle that account to make related decisions. Once children turn 18, they would be eligible to make a decision related to bank accounts and debit cards.

Can we get a card at the age of 16?

Today’s generation is very smart enough to keep up with technology. Each state has a different government with different policies in case of offering a debit card and they set an age limit also. Like at the age of 16, children are able to receive a debit card and open an account but it is possible when parents take full responsibility for not happening a wrong activity because it can contain financial if a wrong transaction is made. If children get a debit card from a bank, they can understand most of the required things for the future such as financial models, budgeting models, banking models to make their own opinion. Children can spend little time on digital platforms to know the features and tools. So children at the age of 16 or below are eligible to acquire a debit card or open an account but the debit card is connected with the parent’s checking account so that they can check what their children do with digital cards.

What are the policies that teenagers should accept before getting a debit card?

Some policies are:

  • Teenagers need to understand the procedure of opening a bank account or getting a debit card.
  • They should read debit card guidelines in which important things are mentioned such as how to use it on a cash app, how to make payments on a cash app, how to change a debit card on a cash app, and more.
  • Don’t cross the transaction limit per day.
  • Can’t take steps of transferring payments without a parent’s permission.
  • Always check your balance before making purchase transactions so that you can save your money and be aware of spending limits.
  • The parents have a duty to lock and unlock the cash app so that they can’t use it more.
  • Set PIN code to make payments and check bank balance.
  • The bank always says to protect your bank credentials, information, and bank data from strangers. Keep stored in a private place, don’t be leaked.

Important points

  • The bank offers to open a bank account and debit card under the age of 18 but the authority is in the parent’s hands.
  • The prepaid debit card, joint accounts, and checking accounts are offered under the age of 18.
  • Children are eligible to pay online bills and swipe the card when they turn 18. 18 is the right age to manage accounts and cards for any purpose.
  • Accounts are opened for specific motives such as taking an education loan amount.
  • Teenagers don’t have the authority to exceed the limit of the debit card balance. If they do that, their transaction is declined but if their account has overdraft protection, the transaction is approved but they have to bear fees or penalties.
  • Teenagers can’t fill in the financial details to open an account alone, their parents should be with them.

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