How to lock a Chase debit card?

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Nowadays, fraud cases are increasing at a fast speed and no one can stop frauds due to lack of activeness and carelessness in their activities. Same as people issuing a debit card or credit card for their personal use like making purchase payments and transferring payments but along with benefits, unfortunately, they are trapped under the hackers and Why are they stuck under hackers’ traps? Because they are busy enjoying the digital cards but do not think about securing the card details to keep information private. Along with enjoying card benefits, they need to make some security settings in payment apps like lock a chase debit card or credit card to fail the intention of hackers to hack your debit cards details such as social security number, postal code, address, name, phone number, and PIN code and access the funds online with the help of internet criminals. If you don’t know about ‘how to lock a Chase debit card’, don’t worry, you will find a solution here with simple steps. One thing we would like to tell you is that if you can’t understand the steps to lock chase debit card information so in that case, you can make a direct call on the customer service number to get out of this situation immediately.

Once your card information has been stolen, you won’t do anything in that case you would have only one choice, which is to start an investigation with the card issuer to access the card data again. If you don’t want to face that situation, secure card details by locking the chase debit card.

Can we lock debit cards on the Chase app and why?

If you don’t know how to lock a debit card on a Chase app, you can take help from technical experts and find the right company that works on the same projects or internet problems. Freely share your queries with them so that they can understand your issue for solving and give you a possible solution or security tips to lock or unlock debit cards on chase apps. The procedure is simple to do and it takes a few seconds.

Four steps to lock and unlock chase debit card

Due to not remembering the passcode to open a chase app or PIN code to make a purchase payment or such reasons you want to lock chase debit card temporarily, follow these steps:

  • Visit the ‘chase app’ by entering a password.
  • Click on an account (saving or checking) that is linked with a debit card.
  • Choose one in-between ‘lock and unlock’ under the section of ‘Account services’.
  • After clicking on one of them, your status will change automatically.

See, the procedure contains 4 steps only that can easily follow.

Can we transfer cash or make purchase payments if a debit card is locked on a chase app?

No, you can’t. Once you lock your debit card with a linked account, you can’t make any transactions through that account. If you try to do the same, you will get a pop-up of a transaction rejected. You can’t use your locked PIN, password, security code, postal code, all the things that connect with. Only a debit card wallet can be used to make purchase payments.

Blocked debit cards can’t give you access to make purchase payments, transfer balances, receive a cash advance, all are restricted.

Reason for locking debit card on chase app

The reasons are simple and definable. Due to stolen, lost, damaged, or empty debit cards, users need to stop or lock debit card purchase transactions by themselves or through customer support. But they also ask for card details to verify you as a user on their computer systems before stopping purchases. Recurring payments will not be stopped and make payments through digital wallets balance.

When will you know your Chase debit card has been locked?

Once you lock the Chase debit card, you will get a notification after a few minutes or seconds. Users have full authority to lock or unlock chase debit cards whenever they want. Lock or Unlock debit card in their hand, that is their choice.

If you want to add a new debit card on the Chase app or replace it with a new one, follow the same procedure and choose an account to link to a new debit card.

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