How to become a wedding planner?

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Wedding planner job and Wedding planner business, both are entertaining professions if you are dreaming to start your career in this creative industry. But to become a part of this industry, you have to be familiar with these industry requirements like how much creativity is needed, what preference should have, what things are trending, how we should be flexible while performing in a profession, clients interests, or couples interest, and much more. We will discuss all the things later in the article ‘how to become a wedding planner’ but first we should know ‘who are wedding planners and their profession’?

Who are wedding planners

Wedding planners are the team or individuals who are responsible to complete a wedding goal after keeping the couple’s wish lists in their mind. They need to manage all wedding chores due to having a whole wedding responsibility on their shoulders. Wedding planners come into this profession after completing a wedding profession course from a wedding association that is necessary to have as a profession proof that it has a good impact on startup business or job.

Basic key Steps to become a wedding planner

The budget level of weddings can be different but their way of organizing a wedding contains the same procedure. We are going to discuss some easy steps by which you can get to know how you should start to become a great wedding planner. Here the steps are:

Set your wedding business goals in which you want to work

First, you have to decide what kind of events or weddings you want to handle so that you can run with a planned mind to avoid confusion while acquiring knowledge. The wedding business is interesting as well as stressful activities which you have to perform with creativity and fulfill couples wish lists. Weddings can be normal, destination weddings, theme weddings so to manage these kinds of weddings, you have to learn about them but before you have to choose from one of them to go ahead.

Learn about your chosen business niche

After choosing your wedding niche, you have to learn about that for having some knowledge to develop business or going into wedding service under a reputed wedding company. If you decide your niche, it is easy for your goal path. For better learning, you can go with the best-certified wedding planner association in America (American association of certified wedding planner). It is a great learning place in the USA where you can acquire any kind of wedding knowledge with a lot of ideas and creativity. This place is usually for both startups and experience. In this association, all wedding planner teams are famous for their performance and also have gotten the title of NO.1 certified wedding planner association in America.

During learning in association, you can make a wedding file for capturing the best ideas that planners give to you while teaching you how to behave as a wedding planner, and how you have to work on it. All these things need to be recorded in a particular place from where you can learn anytime. You can also add your suggestions to make better growth and also share them with your seniors so that they can also admire your great ideas.

Once you will understand your niche’s activities then you will be eligible for taking your first project or work as a reputed wedding organization as a wedding planner.


Self-research is the most crucial activity to generate additional ideas for business and better development. After completing the wedding planner course, you have to go with self-research by which you can improve your mind skills, thought skills, as well as creative skills so that you can use them in your career.

Now, you are thinking about where you can research wedding requirements to become a wedding planner so don’t worry we tell you. More research will advance your performance. 

Social platforms

You can start from social platforms, many wedding planners are active on social media sites to interact with other planners and share your business templates so that more and more clients can get to know their business and give chances to organize their weddings.

On social media sites, you can also build your wedding business group to connect with more wedding planners for sharing thoughts or ideas. Also, you can add a couple of goal societies on these platforms to share your business motive and work because couples have more interest in all this.

Other wedding planner organizations

You can know more about other organizations through their website and previous project performance and meet with them personally to explore knowledge and the wedding industry’s environment. If you meet with them, you can get a chance to know what trends are running on and also get an opportunity to work with them as a wedding planner.

Through their videos, images on their websites, you will understand how you can organize and start work.

Know about couples dreams for their weddings

The most important thing for a wedding planner is to perform according to a bride and groom’s performance so that they can satisfy and give better reviews. So as a wedding planner, you need to interact with clients’ dreams for their weddings or interest personally through conducting seminars, events free of cost.

Search on the different destinations where a wedding can possible

In today’s world, most couples like and prefer destination weddings so as a wedding planner or to become a wedding planner you should know about more places where weddings are possible so that you can suggest some amazing place ideas to them.

While searching on different places, you also find many things about that destination or place such as safety or not, having a facility of food and water, can arrange decoration material, weather temperature, and many more. If you do this, you can also become a destination wedding planner.

Generate your own ideas

By doing self-research, you can generate your own developing ideas to make your ideas unique so that clients can attract fast towards your business. If you have a bulk of your own better ideas so no one can beat you in this industry because everyone wants perfectness or uniqueness in their weddings.

Always have a wedding thoughts file for clients to show what you can provide

For wedding planners, it is necessary to secure their thoughts in one file so that if customers ask for your creative ideas, you can show your wedding creative file with a lot of ideas. 

You have to make that file very beautifully so that clients can attract fast and imagine that you are eligible to accomplish their project perfectly.

Take experience by working with more wedding organization

This is a great idea in the wedding planner career to explore interpersonal skills and team skills if you work with other wedding organizations where you can learn more things from senior wedding planners and are eligible to set up your own wedding planner business or if you are satisfied with your job so you can continue as a big position.

Create marketing plan

A Marketing plan is necessary to run with the latest trends or get to know customers’ expectations. A Marketing plan completes the client’s interest and demand and increases the chances of getting more clients offers to perform a title of a wedding planner in their wedding.

A Marketing consultant helps you to create a purified marketing plan by which you can run your business smoothly. It is a temporary plan that changes accordingly to market conditions or requirements.

Having a good experience from a wealthy wedding planner organization puts a great impact on your career and helps you to become an expensive wedding planner.

Own your website

If you own your website, you can promote your wedding business or your profession on your website by adding your wedding services through blogs, videos, and previous wedding projects.

Weddings help you to get more clients so that you can get more project offers.

What qualities make a perfect wedding planner

The Wedding planners should have qualities that will discuss in the following points:

Patience and friendly

Patience should have in the wedding planner in whole wedding chores or until the wedding never ends. As a wedding planner, you have to deal with your job calmly so that you can smoothly complete your project without conflicts.

If you have this quality then your clients would be happy and feel comfortable with you and your team.

Good communicator

Wedding planners should have a good communicator so that they can talk with anyone whether clients are from the US, UK, or from anywhere because men are perfect with their communication and their communication decides their personality. 

While talking with clients, clients should find very softness in your talk.

Advance thinking skills

You need to think in advance to develop more daily ideas so that you can share with wedding couples to decide what they want. You should have a bulk of options for choice and for that you have to explore new things from the internet, wedding web applications, wedding movies.

More professionalist

Wedding planners should behave seriously in their profession so that no one can take them for granted. They need to improve their personality by their dressing sense, way of talking, way to deal with clients, way to understand clients requirements and interest. All these things make them professional.

A Wedding planner’s responsibility is to manage all wedding functions from beginning to end. It is the toughest job ever, one single mistake spoils their career. Wedding responsibilities such as advance booking of photographers, caterers, decorators, appoint choreographers, and more. 

Researching skills

Researching skills are the most important skills that a wedding planner should have to develop the level or stage of their career. When wedding planners are researching continuously according to clients or couples demand changes and expectations then there can be more chances to add new things to new weddings.

Cover whole wedding under client’s budget 

When clients appoint wedding planners, they show the budget estimation to them so wedding planners have a responsibility to complete wedding rituals under the client’s budget. They can’t expand out of the given budget.

Better relationship with clients, other wedding vendors

Wedding planners need to maintain their relationship with other business vendors who are also part of the wedding arrangement like photographers, caterers, decorators, choreographers, costume designers.


To start a wedding planner’s life, one should have an experience that can be shown in front of clients so that they can trust their work blindly. Clients prefer experienced planners more than fresh wedding planners.

Experience builds trust in clients’ minds and hopes as well.

Strategy planner

Every job needs a strategy for perfection. It always makes work easy and smooth. You can hire a strategy maker or advisor that can help you to make innovative strategies or if you think that you are a great strategy planner so you can male strategies by yourself without paying anyone.

Certified from wedding associations

Clients do not require any bachelor’s degree to appoint a wedding planner but they require a certified course degree from any reputed wedding association so they can believe that you have a lot of standard ideas and are responsible for handling their weddings. It is a minimum course of 18 months.

For a wedding career, wedding education is necessary to upgrade your career portfolio so that clients can impress.

Challenges strength

Wedding planners should have the strength to deal with new people or interact with new people, and take them as a challenge. Challenges in this industry will find more.

In the end, I hope you will understand how to become a wedding planner, after understanding that if you are Looking for a job and want to work as a wedding planner then you can find a job on Jooble.

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