How Does Cryptocurrency work?

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In this article, we will discuss the latest exploring digital technology that provides us a digital cash system (cryptocurrency) by which we can flow the chain of buying and selling without using normal currencies like the dollar, Euro, pounds. 

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is different from real currencies that we used to buy goods or services. In other words, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is used by anyone without touching it and passing it from one hand to another. It is a part of an investment that we can save for future dealings that protects our exchange transactions. It is the only digital system that has gained a lot of attention from users and has been considered a NO.1 digital cash system. This digital cash system is not controlled by centralization, it is a decentralization process.

Cryptocurrency contains two important things – Blockchain and mining. Without these, we can’t imagine that experts could build cryptocurrency. These are tools that perform a major part in a cryptosystem such as:


Blockchains refer to the digital security of a cash system that secures the financial transaction after accessing the goods or services. In simple words, all the transactions are secured in blockchains. It is also concerned about the units and the further future transaction on digital channels.

How does cryptocurrency blockchain works

 The blockchains work accurately without creating any errors such as :

  • When users are buying something on digital using cryptocurrency, they send the request for saving the transaction in the network for future proof.
  • After recording, they show the transaction to the users and send it to every network node to validate the transaction.
  • Transaction reward is received by the nodes and the block is added to the existing blockchain in the form of a ledger.
  • Then the transaction is saved and verified.

Blockchain performs until the transaction is verified without adopting central authority. The process of blockchain is to provide security, nodes, made blocks for new transactions with existing blockchains. They do not have a right to break users’ privacy by using their keys, they just have to adopt the ownership of transactions for securing the information in the network.

Blockchain plays a crucial role due to offering security and transaction confirmation to the users. It is an expensive and time-consuming process that is necessary for cryptocurrency users. The P2P network is the controller of the whole blockchain process.


Mining refers to the process of recording new transactions on the blockchain after verifying by doing hard work. They record the transaction into different hashes which have a unique set of data, and each data requires a new hash. The process of generating a hash is done by miners. Miners only perform as a saver, not a maintainer. Miners are paid for doing this procedure but it is maintained and regulated by the decentralized entity.

With the use of computerized power, miners record every transaction in blockchains after solving different kinds of puzzles, errors so that they can build trust. The work of miners is like a game that involves puzzles, sums, queries. The motive of miners is to get a reward in the form of coins after solving puzzles with the help of software.

How does cryptocurrency mining works

Miners are active when the transaction is made to perform such functions:

  • When miners receive the transaction data, first they verify through software.
  • After verification, they need to submit the data only when the transaction is correct.
  • If the transaction is incorrect, they can’t submit it into the blockchains.
  • For getting the rewards, they have to solve cryptographic codes that are hard to solve.
  • It is a state to confirm transaction validity to fix in the blockchains.

How cryptocurrency works for beginners

New users can face some complications while adopting cryptocurrency but still if users follow the procedure so maybe they can’t face more complications even if they understand all the cryptocurrency rules.

  • First, they have to set their account on a cash app that is downloaded from the google play store.
  • Set up a coin base account on a cash app for running the exchange transactions by generating a password key that always needs to use wallets to get coins like Bitcoin.
  • Users can complete the procedure of buying, selling, receiving, and storing bitcoin, Ether, Litcoin by issuing a cash base coin.
  • The Wallet is the only place where users can secure their coins and wallets already exist in the cash app. It is a mode by which users can exchange goods or services.
  • Through wallets, transactions are sent to the different users to verify all the data.
  • Through wallet software, users can transfer their balance to another.
  • After verifying all the data, it is recorded into the ledger called blockchains.

The concept of cryptocurrency is not as tough as bank money transactions. As we know both are considered as a digital process to record the transaction so if you know more about the concept of cryptocurrency, you should know about the digital leading. Digital transaction refers to securing the financial transaction in the network through chains. Same as in cryptocurrency, there is a need to record the transaction digitally in the network of chains called blockchains and submitting data into the ledger called mining after solving cryptographic puzzles through software.

A bank’s transaction is maintained by the mediators who checks the financial transaction of all users but in the case of cryptocurrency, there are no mediators who verify the financial transaction, that’s why it is considered as an invisible digital cash system that is controlled by users, peers, and computer algorithms.

How does Bitcoin work

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that is used more than the other currencies due to its benefits. We would like to say if you want to adopt cryptocurrency so you can start with Bitcoin, Bitcoin performs with blockchain and miners. For downloading the bitcoin wallet you have to complete the installation process. After that, you have to generate an address so that it is proof of your existence. There is a network relationship between bitcoin and blockchain, blockchain allow2s bitcoin to access payments and verify the upcoming payments or transactions. It contains a private key that is used to make transactions and proof from the owner of the wallet. After the transaction proceeds, the transaction is verified by all the miners which are called mining. 

Bitcoins are secured in wallets because they are different from banks. Banks are a middleman who stores data under the control of the government and at the time of making transactions, all the transactions are verified by the bank and they charge a fee from sender and receiver. On the other hand, in the case of cryptocurrency, all the transaction is verified and stored in the computers without charging any single fee from sender and receiver. It is a free transaction that freezes the user’s accounts with data. Data secure with private keys because a private key is a password to sign the transaction. If the private key is lost and someone uses it for their personal use, it could be dangerous.

How to buy cryptocurrency

Buying a cryptocurrency is not a tough task, it is a simple process if you want to buy and have taken a final decision to use cryptocurrency so you will need to complete the process so that you can become a part of cryptocurrency. 

First, you should know about the websites where you can buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, etc. Some websites are available that provide the transaction service of cryptocurrency but everyone has a unique method to adopt and method to flow the transaction, you need to first understand their rules and then move for the next further process.

If you are confused, choose a website where you can run the cryptocurrency exchange game so you can take advice from financial advisors rather than local friends or colleagues because there could be chances to leak information about your cryptocurrency wallets. Websites such as Paypal and crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinmama, Coinbase, Bitscamp, these crypto exchanges give authority to buy and sell currency like bitcoin and use the payment method. If you doubt accepting crypto exchanges, you can take a look at reviews given by multiple users.

After choosing the website, you will need to move to the next process, which is to register your account with the website so that you can sign with that account. With a name, email address, identification proof, contact number, the bank account will set up your account and miners will verify your account, it is a quick and simple process. 

How does cryptocurrency wallets works

Cryptocurrency Wallets are the security providers who secure the private keys so that they cannot be leaked and hacked. Each currency has unique wallets in which the owner of the cryptocurrency sends goods or services to their friend with a low charge fee. Wallets are of two types – Custodian and Non-Custodian Wallets. 

Custodian Wallets are under control by the government which charges a fee for each transaction and transactions are verified by third parties like banks.

Non-Custodian Wallets are under control by users and verified by third parties such as miners which charge no fee for buying and selling goods or services through cryptocurrencies.

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