How to write a proposal letter for partnership

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The word business partnership defines joint work that is in between one business person to another business person to expand a single business on the highest level with the availability of a variety of resources. The partnership can be of many kinds or can happen in any industry such as a partnership in school, company, venue, event, wedding planner, hotel, sponsorship, and other profitable small business. But no matter what the partnership is, no one can skip the business proposal letter for the partnership step, it is the most crucial step that needs to be completed before starting a business.

When one business venture is going to merge with another business venture to enter in one business, both partners need to concern about the process of business proposal letter of partnership ie. the legal process that is performed under a 50/50 partnership, in which both business partners show their interest and equality in the business with a promise of adding business capital, assets, profits, and bearing losses and liabilities. 

What describes the business proposal letter for partnership 

The proposal letter for partnership describes the multiple tasks that are going to perform and cover all the small things related to business like the structure of the business, the financial ability of the business, availability of assets, business size, invested capital, business service, business location, business field, partners consent, partners investment, total liabilities, business strength, partner’s financial background and identity, partner’s requirements and interest, business prospectus and portray and share of partners in percentage.

All this information completes the format of the business proposal letter for a partnership that is required by all the businesses to continue their company with a registered name under the eyes of the state government. 

Why it is important

  • It is important before involving in any kind of business partnership, it is like an offer letter for partners that invites them to come into a business with positivity and the purpose of making a profit. 
  • It creates hope for the partners that they will run the business for a long time together whether the business will go in the profit or loss direction.
  • The business proposal letter builds trust between both partners before entering into a business and a promising agreement for each other.
  • It is a promising agreement in which partners tell each other they will always give financial as well as physical support at the required time.
  • A Partnership is done only to enlarge the business in which partners face losses as well as profit at one time, so this proposal shows that partners will equally bear all the profits and losses.

Free sample of proposal letter for partnership

A Partnership is not done in the financial sector only, it is also done in other sectors like medical as medical store in partnership, event business as event partnership, sponsorship held in partnership, hotel business in partnership, and many more. And also these contain proposal letters for the partnership to know the interest of each other.

A proposal letter for a business partnership is a way to invite the other businessman to work with us in a partnership by investing equal business resources. In the proposal letter, one businessman has to convince the other business person after knowing his business conditions, interests, and goals.

Now, you have understood what business conservation is in the proposal letter of a business partnership. Here is a sample format of a proposal letter for a travel business partnership by which you will get to know how to write a proposal letter for a partnership if you are going to start a partnership business.

Proposal letter for travel business partnership – Formal letter

The Financial Manager of ABC travel company,
Alaska, United States
Building no.13, 3rd floor

Date: 15th Oct, 2021

Dear Columbus sir,
The Financial Manager of XYZ travel industry
Alabama, United States
Building no.1, 5th floor

Subject: Business proposal letter for partnership
Good morning sir, you remember that we met at a seminar about travel tutors in California, United States in which we were planning to start a travel company in California but unfortunately, we couldn’t be discussed more at that time. But now it’s a good time to discuss that plan. Actually, our Company surveyed your past success graph and found your success report which looked very impressive. That’s why our company has decided to offer you a partnership in which you will have an equal opportunity to make an equal decision, equal profit and loss partner, and equal investment partner due to expertise in this industry for the last many years. We have noticed that our company’s financial and marketing team are awesome and able to work together and analyze customer’s requirements. As you know, the travel industry is growing rapidly due to customer requirements and this is an expensive industry that gives higher earnings to entrepreneurs. 

With full trust and hope for getting a good revert, we are sending a proposal letter for a business partnership. We hope your company will accept our offer after thinking about both parties’ benefits and if you want to make some changes and add some conditions in the partnership agreement so let us know, we will do as well because we think that we can touch the sky or make our new company the biggest company in the travel industry together.

Lovey Ercel
The Financial Manager of ABC Travel company
Alaska, United States

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