How to increase debit card limit?

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Did you want to increase your debit card limit or want to know How to increase debit card limit? to take out more money from a debit card for an emergency purpose, the time of purpose completion may be either temporary or permanent. These digital cards like Debit cards, ATM cards, or Credit cards have their own funds out limit for security.

Before understanding How to increase debit card limit? we need to know what is debt card and why peoples need to increase its limit and we cover that topic here or many other related to that, to understand all you need read this complete post carefully.

What are Debit cards

Debit cards are the cards that are a source of taking out money from the checking account or saving account. It connects with the checking account so that the money that is taken out by us through debit cards, comes from the checking account. 

Why do we need to increase the debit card limit

Everyone has a debit card nowadays to access funds regularly after keeping in mind all the banking policies of transaction limit. But one time comes, when account holders need to increase the debit card limit at one time when they require urgent money for making purchases or some other purposes like installments, regular larger investment in the business, and much more. For these cases, account owners request to increase the limit of debit cards for larger transactions.

The responsibility of increasing or decreasing the debit card limit is in the hands of the bank or credit unions due to having authority and the guard of whole accounts. Actually, the bank has a set of limits of raising funds per day, so the account owner has a responsibility to accept their decided limits and run on that, otherwise, they can bear overdraft fees, interest, and some other penalties or charges due to cross the transaction limit.

But it is not compulsory that the owner will have to run with the same debit card limit transaction, they can request the bank to increase their daily limits due to any valid reason that sounds necessary and relevant. On request, the banks or other financial institutions can proceed with their request and approve immediately after hearing their reason. If the bank finds out that it’s valid to increase their debit card limit so they do based on the account owner’s expectation and demand.

Normal debit card limit of saving account and checking account

The normal debit card limit or ATM card limit for users per day allowing of getting money is in the range from $300 to $2000 for making other transactions and from $1000 to $6000 for making purchases but the debit card limit can increases when you send approval for accessing permission, otherwise, you have to ready to bear charges that put bad impact on your credit score as well as also impact on goodwill in bank history.

Know How to increase debit card limit?

Methods to increase debit card limit:

The procedure is simple but you have to invest your time in increasing the debit card limit or ATM card limit. Here are some steps that you must follow for increasing the card limits per day:

Direct go to the bank

  • First, as an account holder, you have to go to your bank in which your checking or saving account exists.
  • Second, you have to call the bank manager or bank sales manager to access daily card limits information and offers so that you can proceed next.
  • Third, you have to put your situation or demand on increasing the debit card or ATM card limit for making daily higher transactions with valid reasons.
  • Fourth, you have to tell them how much time you are applying to increase the digital card’s limit because increasing card limits are available on a temporary basis ( which is for a few hours) or permanent basis (which is for your whole life until your account doesn’t disclose).
  • Then, if banks are satisfied with your reason, then they increase your card limits for daily larger transactions, and a fresh debit card limit or ATM card would be received by you in the form of a physical agreement. 

Direct apply through a digital process

As an account owner and part of any reputed bank, you should have knowledge of what’s your debit card limit so that you can request for exceeding your debit card limit per day to meet daily larger business transactions or financial transactions.

  • First, go through the bank website
  • Second, find change account details
  • Third, click on change debit card or ATM card limit 
  • Choose which process you want, temporary or permanent and how long you need. If you need a temporary, then select days and if you need a permanent, then click on the permanent option.
  • Then, give a reason for a request for exceeding the digital cards limit.
  • After that, you will get a pop-up of an exceeded credit card limit that allows you to make a higher transaction.

If you don’t have time to go to the bank, you can go with the digital process for exceeding your debit card limit. But you should have previous as well as current knowledge of digital cards transaction limit so that you are familiar with that and eligible to choose a card limit per day.


Why do banks allow accessing a small amount of money through debit cards or gives low debit card limit per day

Many askers ask, why does the bank have a fixed debit card limit or ATM card limit? Now I will clarify your point about why banks do this. Every bank has a fixed digital cards limit from which some of them give lower card limits and some of them give higher debit card limits. It is their own choice according to their policies. 

Now, let’s know the reason for not giving higher debit card limits per day.

Due to bank online fraud cases

Nowadays, users are fooled by the fraud people by stealing their PIN code and scanned signature so that they can steal their money from the account through debit cards or ATM cards. 

For example, if you have lost your debit card and someone has stolen your card after knowing your PINs and start using your card. To avoid this situation, banks have fixed and lower card limits so that theft can’t access more funds from your checking or saving account. 

ATM Skimming

ATM Skimming can also be the reason for low debit card limits fixed by the banks. As you know, how much ATM skimming is happening and the owner of cards should be aware of this skimming. From one of our previous articles, you can find the article on ATM skimming from where you can read about skimming in brief if you don’t know. ATM skimming is the technique of stealing a PIN code and fingerprint of a card user by using strategies like hiding cameras for capturing the PINs. It is a part of the fraud that is done by the thieves. In this, thieves steal your information and use it to access funds on digital apps like Googlepay, Paytm, Paypal and others.

Due to over accessing money

Sometimes, account holders don’t look into their credit history and continue to access their funds. Even if they do not look into their funds in the bank whether they have money or not for future transactions through Debit cards or ATM cards. That’s why the banks do not exceed the higher digital cards limit so that users maintain their account balance and can’t exceed their daily limit, otherwise, they bear some penalties and additional charges or fees.

To maintain a credit score

It requires banks to maintain credit scores for account users as well as banks are also supportive of maintaining their credit history by warning them. If a user has maintained a good experience with banks as a user, it puts good impacts on creditworthiness as well as the chance of getting a loan from the same bank and getting a low interest on a credit card.

Do banks exceed the debit card limit?

Most of the banks give higher debit card transaction limits by which account users don’t need to request to exceed their card limits in their whole life. But most of the banks do not provide higher, they give lower debit card transaction limits by which account user or holder needs to request to the bank for exceeding the debit card limit. 

Banks only exceed your debit card limit when you permanently put an inflow of funds into your account for maintaining your account credit score in banks history. Also, banks notice all the things from previous to current behavior with your banks for finance purposes. 

They also check, Are you in the right position to get the higher debit card limit on per day transaction. The straight answer to this question is yes, the bank exceeds the debit card or ATM card limit after knowing your reason.

Do credit cards have a limit?

Credit cards also impose restrictions due to money provided by the bank or credit union; there is a limit and they charge interest along with installments every month. Credit card users do not make smaller transactions through credit cards, rather, they make larger investments such as buying electronic machines, gold, furniture, and other expensive things. 

The credit card limits are fixed by the credit union or commercial banks based on the user’s past behavior towards the bank. Based on credit history, the bank or credit union decides the credit card limit.

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